Monthly Archives: July 2016

Video highlights of Year 2 this year!

Well it’s time for the last (award-winning!) blog of the year. It has been a wonderful year, I know the children have enjoyed it just as much as myself and Mrs Green have. Thank you so much for reading our blog this year.

Toucans we are so proud of you! We will miss you very much as you move into Year 3 and hope you will still come and say hello to us. Thank you parents for supporting your child. They really have achieved wonderful things this year. We shall leave you with a video of the highlights of our school year together.

Have a very happy and safe holiday everyone.

Sports day fun!


Today Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful sports day! We threw javelins and beanbags (some of us were unlucky with the wind!), ran a running and obstacle race and did the long jump. We finished with a year group race and really enjoyed watching the parent’s race too! What a great morning! Thank you to all the parents who came and supported their child and a special thanks to Mr Gill for organising it.



Today in Maths we learnt all about volume – how much room is inside a container. We learnt that we measure volume in litres and millilitres. We worked together to estimate the volume of some containers and then measure to sort them into 3 groups; more than 1l, about 1l and less than 1l. We had great fun but also learnt a lot of important things:

• 1l = 1000ml
• Make sure you fill the container to the very top before you pour it in the measuring jug.
• Read the scale on the side of the jug carefully. Work out whether it is going up in 2s, 5s, 10s or something else before you read what the measurement is.
• Don’t read the measurement until the water has settled – put it on a steady surface.

Super Spiders!




Today most of us finished our DT project; making our cuddly toy spiders. We worked in small groups with Miss Williams to sew them using the running stitch we were taught. Then finally we added legs, eyes and decorations to match our own designs. We think they are fantastic!

Our non-fiction rainforest

Today in English we started making our own non-fiction books all about the rainforest. Last week we researched using real non-fiction books and found out they all had some things in common.


We started today by choosing some sub-headings as a class. We thought of 11 topics we know a lot about! We started writing and then stopped halfway through our lesson today to share our book so far with our talk partner. They told us what we were doing well and what we could improve. Ruby just realised she had forgotten a full stop as I took a photograph! Over this week we will be writing our information books so keep an eye on the blog to see how we get on.

Blog of the Year!


Today Year 2 celebrated the end of a great week with a cinema party! This week we performed a fantastic assembly on Wednesday which we really enjoyed and we know many parents, teachers and other children in the school enjoyed too.

We also won a Computing trophy for ‘Blog of the Year’ in Tuesday’s computing assembly. We were very pleased with ourselves as we do put a lot of effort into our blog. We like sharing what we do in school with our readers and know many parents enjoy reading it as well as other children across the school. Thank you to everyone who has commented on our blog this year – it spurs us on to know you are reading and enjoying it.