Monthly Archives: September 2016

Learning about place value


This week in Maths we have been consolidating our understanding of place value. We learnt about < less than and > greater than and today we practised estimating.

We had five seconds to look in a bowl and estimate how many items there were. We then talked about ways of counting them accurately. We decided when we had larger numbers of objects it might be easier to group them before counting them so we didn’t lose track. We grouped in 2s, 5s or 10s depending on the number of objects we had. Have a look at the photos to see how we got on.

Understanding instructions using 2Go


Today we enjoyed our next Computing lesson. We practised giving instructions using a program called 2Go on Purple Mash. We had to program something to reach something else by giving clear instructions. The first level was making a fish find treasure and was quite easy. As we worked through though they did get harder. Sometimes the instructions were very complicated!

Don’t forget Toucans; you can access Purple Mash at home using your login.

Learning about instructions


In our Computing lesson today we started to learn about instructions.

First, we thought of lots of different reasons why we need instructions:

• To keep us safe.
• To know how to do things.
• To be able to work things.
• To know what to do for our school work.

We then focused on how instructions need to be clear. We went outside and made an obstacle course. Miss Williams turned into a robot and Megan tried to control her and get her around the obstacle course. Megan gave some very clear instructions like move forward one step and do a half turn. But she also gave instructions that were not so clear and Miss Williams followed them! When she said turn around Miss Williams turned around and around until Megan had to say stop! We all decided it was harder to give someone instructions than we thought.

Next we worked in pairs to try giving our own instructions. Some robots were a little out of control just like Miss Williams because their partner didn’t give instructions that were precise enough. By the end of the lesson everyone had improved greatly and the robots were finally doing what they should be.

Instructions are very important for lots of things and we will continue to learn more about them in our English and Computing lessons next week.

Keeping fit and doing exercise


Today we started to think about keeping fit and doing sports and exercise.

We thought of these forms of exercise:

Star jumps

We then started to work on our own fitness video! Today we planned them by learning lots of different moves and deciding on our routine as a group. We are going to practise them ready to record next week… keep an eye on our blog!

What a wonderful week!


We have been extremely busy this week in all our lessons. We have started to focus on our topic ‘Little Masterchef’ more this week. We have started to learn about Florence Nightingale who was a nurse a very long time ago. We have also started to think about all the different ways we can be healthy, including having a healthy mind. We focused on all the things that make us happy and, as you can see from our work, we thought of lots of things that do make us happy. We have also started to do some excellent art work. Early in the week we did portraits of ourselves as chefs with rice hats on and made a frame from pasta. They make our classroom look fantastic! We also learnt how to sketch vegetables and some of us did some very accurate drawings. We then cut the vegetables open and had a closer look and smelt them. Toucans decided they would very much like to try some of these new vegetables so watch this space! All our work is on display in our classroom so please do come and have a look.

Line drawings

Today we had our first real Art lesson where we learnt how to create a line drawing. Miss Williams showed us how to sketch a little bit at a time. We drew lots of different vegetables including: carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and onions. We had to try hard to concentrate on the shape of the line we were drawing. Can you look at our pictures and guess which vegetables we drew?



Behaviours for learning

Today we explored our new behaviours for learning. We did lots of different activities to help us to learn about each behaviour.

We painted with our toes! It was very tricky to control the paintbrush.
Melissa ‘You had to try your best and not give up’.
Evie ‘If you didn’t get it right the first time you had to keep trying lots of times’.

We have made ourselves a proud cloud.
Harry ‘We have made them so we can write down things that we are proud of while we are in Year 2’.
Pheobe ‘We tried to do take our time to make it neat so we could be proud of it’.

Working with others
We were challenged to make the biggest tower in our row groups.
Sophia ‘We had to work together so we could make it the biggest’.
Kennie ‘It was hard to work together because our tower fell down because we were doing different things’.
Brooke Ba ‘We made the tallest tower by putting rolls of paper inside each other to make it strong. It measured 82cm!’

We had a sheet with questions on to go around exploring our classroom and finding where everything was.
Katie ‘It was a good challenge because now we know where everything is in our classroom’.
Huey ‘It was very hard because we didn’t know where anything was to start with’.

We played a listening game with Mrs Green where we had to guess what sounds were being made.
Katerina ‘It was hard to listen to the sounds because other children in the classroom were talking too’.
Dana ‘The listening game was really hard but we kept on trying and we started to get better at it’.

We coloured in some letters to make a heading for our display board with the behaviours for learning on.
Lexi ‘It was good to concentrate and look only at the paper and not get distracted’.
Sophie ‘I coloured in neatly and it was a bit hard but I tried to use lots of colours and concentrate hard.’

We had great fun learning about the behaviours for learning and we are already using them in our class.

Welcome back Year 2!


It was lovely to see the children arrive so enthusiastically this morning! They all look super-smart in their new school uniforms and have made a brilliant start in Year 2.

First thing this morning we had a circle time about how we felt to be back and everyone was so positive! Kiall felt ‘Joyful to be with new teachers and in my new classroom’ while Sophia was ‘Excited about everything!’.

This year we have a new set of school rules so we started our day by thinking about what each rule means. We talked together and came up with ideas about what each rule would look like if we were following it. We made posters to remind us of our ideas during the school year. We have all signed to say we will try our very, very best to always stick to the school rules.

What a great start Toucans!