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Living things


Today in Science we started to think more about living things. We already know a lot of facts about what we should eat to keep us healthy so we started to think about know we know whether things are alive. We explored and discussed for ourselves a set of pictures and sorted them into two piles – things that are alive and thing that are not alive. We then used this to make a list of criteria that means that something is alive. We decided that all living things can:


We then started to think about those things that weren’t alive and discuss whether some of them had been alive at one time. For example we looked at a chicken drumstick and decided it isn’t alive now but it had once been part of a chicken which was alive. We looked at cotton and realised once it had been on a cotton plants so it had been alive. We had a big debate about a car! Some people thought it was alive because it can move and it can eat (petrol/oil) but we decided in the end it can’t do any of these things without us… so it isn’t alive.

Feeling proud


Today we started to focus on our next behaviour for learning: pride. We discussed what it means to be proud and when we might feel proud of ourselves. We then looked at our books with a partner and found a piece of work that we were proud of.


We all found a piece of work we are proud of for lots of different reasons. We are going to continue to try and create pieces of work to be proud of by always writing neatly, setting our work out correctly and trying our very best.

Kitchen utensils material


Today we continued learning about materials. We started to think about what makes some materials better for a particular purpose than others. We focused on kitchen utensils as this links with our topic and had some very interesting discussions. Some different materials can be used for the same object if the purpose is slightly different. For example we would use a metal spoon to eat our soup but we wouldn’t stir it in the pan on the hob with a wooden spoon as it would get too hot. We can use glasses to drink from but would probably give younger children a plastic cup as they are more likely to drop it and it might break. We had some excellent ideas!


Year 2 Toucans learnt about the word Self –control during RE.

They learnt how some religions fast at certain times of the year and about the self-control that is needed in order to do this.

They went and worked in partners to write down how they would feel and what they would be thinking if they had to fast for a day.


Anti-bullying week


During anti-bullying week we have learnt lots of new things.

We know:
• Bullying is something that happens Several Times On Purpose (STOP)
• We don’t have bullying at Bells Farm because teachers take it seriously and children look out for each other.
• You have the right to say to someone ‘Stop, I don’t like that’ if they are doing something you don’t like.
• We should always choose our words carefully because words can hurt people just as much as actions do.
• If you are being bullied or you know someone who is, you should always TELL SOMEONE.

We also learnt a bit more about being safe on the internet and how cyber-bullying might be a problem as we get older. We used the Netsmartz website to look in more detail at keeping safe on the internet. We earnt a safety badge and a certificate to put up in our classroom! Don’t forget Toucans, you can access this website at home if you want to try and get your very own certificate.


Tesco trip


Today we went on the most wonderful trip to Tesco. Half of us went this morning and half of us went this afternoon.

When we arrived we met Thelma. She was the person who showed us around and introduced us to everyone else. The first place we went was the bakery. We met lots of different bakers who showed us all the different stages of making bread. We found out about the ingredients (some of us got sprinkled with water and we thought the yeast smelt disgusting!) and then we worked through the process of bread-making learning all about the machines. First they mix it, then divide it, then they prove it and finally they bake it. We even got to have a go at kneading our own bread. Thelma made it look a lot easier than it actually was!

Next we met Tina who worked on the fish counter. She introduced us to different types of fish. We looked at them and learnt their names. It was interesting to look inside their mouths and gills. Tina told us a tuna fish can swim up to 60mph… this is faster than cars on normal roads! We were very impressed with the different fish.

After that we moved along to the cheese counter where Theresa told us all about 3 sorts of cheeses which we then tried. Applewood was a smoked cheese and tasted a bit like a BBQ; Poppy thought it tasted like bacon. Wenselydale with mango and ginger was our least favourite! Nearly all of us liked the Five Counties cheese which is made in 5 different places in England. We learnt that cheese can come from different animals: cows, goats, sheep and buffalo.

Next we went into the warehouse at the back of the store. We went in the fridge, it was a bit chilly at 2 degrees! We were surprised at how big it was. Then we went looked at the freezer which was -22 degrees! Luckily, it was too full for us to go in and see how cold it was! We also looked at how Tesco recycle their rubbish to generate electricity.

Finally we went into the meeting room where we tried some of the breads we had watched being cooked. We tried tiger bread and enjoyed a drink and some fruit which we needed after all that walking around!

Overall we had a fantastic day. We learnt lots of amazing things and it was a very interesting experience.

Video: Rhythm and pulse



In our Music lessons this half term we are learning about rhythm and pulse. We are continuing to enjoy learning new songs but are particularly excited to be learning how to play a glockenspiel. So far we have learnt how to hold the beater, where the notes are and how they are organised according to pitch. We have been learning a song that we half rap/chant and half sing. We are using this song to practise playing the note of E on our glockenspiel. Last week we found it easy to play on the beat when counting but very difficult to play when the song was playing. This week we practised more and have really improved. We hope you enjoy watching our performance.

Hey You Group 1

Hey You Group 2

Discussing our value word freedom

In our Circle Time today we started to think about November’s value word – Freedom. Mrs Butterworth showed us some pictures in yesterday’s assembly linking to Freedom and we also enjoyed listening to a song about freedom. Today we started thinking in more detail about what freedom means and how it affects our lives. We shared some ideas about what freedom means to us:

• Being free to go anywhere in our house.
• Being able to choose who we play with.
• Going to the park and running around.
• Making or getting our own snacks.
• Looking after our pets or baby brothers and sisters.
• Going to the beach.

We then started to think about the responsibility that comes with freedom. We discussed being free when we go to the park also means we need to be responsible to ensure we are safe. We also discussed how being free in our houses means we need to be responsible and look after it also.