Monthly Archives: December 2016

Party time!

We had a wonderful party in Year 2 this afternoon. We played lots of games to start: musical statues, musical shapes, musical hats and colour corners. Then we enjoyed our delicious party food. Finally we came back together to play pass the parcel but were interrupted by a very exciting visitor – Santa! It was very exciting to see him and tell him we were all being good. He bought us a class present which was a new game! We are looking forward to playing it in Golden Time tomorrow.

Snack Success!

We have had two VERY busy days this week. We have spent a long time planning for our café over the last couple of weeks and were very excited that the time had come to get started. On Monday Sumeiya, Evie, Harry, Ruby and Brooke cooked strawberry muffins. They particularly enjoyed it when we added the flour – as Harry said ‘I’m working my muscles now to stir this well’. Sophie, Niah, Chandler, Megan, Rubi and Elliot made flapjacks. They enjoyed stirring the butter when it had melted ready to mix with the oats. Lexi, Brooke, Joey, Amber and Demi made fruit jelly. Demi particularly enjoyed cutting the grapes – ‘I’m using the bridge to do it safely’. All the groups worked very hard as they followed instructions/a recipe to measure, safely cut and assemble their ingredients.

On Tuesday morning Naly, Huey, Sophie, Katerina, Poppy and Kezi made vegetable pizzas. They had a lot of work to do! First they chopped all the vegetables. Then the pizzas had to be constructed one at a time by spreading tomato puree, sprinkling cheese and finally choosing and adding the vegetables. Finally, Cory, Melissa, Pheobe, Kiall, Kennie and Dana made vegetable pasta. They also practised safe cutting to chop their vegetables and then mixed in the sauce. It was cooked on the hob then they had to share it into cups too.

On the afternoon we prepared for the café. We made labels for the tables and set up our stalls using the tablecloths we printed ourselves. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great so we decided to set up in the classroom instead. Megan and Amber went around all the classes to tell them where we would be. Miss Williams talked us through how to take the money, give change and be polite.

We opened our café at 3:00 with our first customers being welcomed warmly by all the excited children. The children very enthusiastic! They could be heard shouting things like ‘Roll up, roll up, healthy snacks for sale’ and ‘Come and buy your vegetable pasta, it will make you strong and healthy’. They were excellent with their customer service too, remembering to say please and thank you. They even said ‘have a nice day’! They made us very proud with their work on money, charging the exact right amounts when people bought more than one thing. They also tried hard to work out the change – even for some people who paid with notes. The weather forced people away early so we didn’t sell everything but we had very good feedback about the products we did sell. Most of all, we had great fun celebrating the end of our topic and we learnt a lot about how Maths helps us in real life.

Thank you to all the parents who supported us and for the very positive feedback.

Our tablecloths

Today we finished making our own printed tablecloths for the healthy snack café next week. First we worked as a row to decide which fruits we were going to print. Then we practised our design onto a small piece of paper. After that we copied our drawings onto a polystyrene tile. It was a bit tricky because if you pressed too hard it made a hole and if you didn’t press hard enough it wouldn’t print properly. Miss Williams showed us how to use the ink to print onto the paper. We put printing ink onto our tile and printed it then we used a small cleaner roller to press it down firmly. We worked as a group to take turns to make a pattern with our fruits.

We think our tablecloths look really good. What do you think?

A letter from Santa

Today we had a very exciting delivery! We found a letter on Miss Williams’ desk and no-one knew where it had come from. It was addressed to Toucans so we opened it and this is what we found:

We couldn’t believe it! Some of us thought one of Santa’s elves must have delivered it in the night and some of us thought it appeared just by magic. We started our day by watching Reception’s Nativity (which was amazing!) and then we had Mrs Knipe who usually teaches us Maths but we were so excited to reply to Santa that we asked her if we could write instead. Luckily, she agreed and we had a wonderful time writing our own letters back to Santa. Miss Williams has sent them off to the North Pole and we put a photocopy of it in our books as we were very proud of our writing.

Fingers crossed Santa gets our letters!

Maths workshop



Today we had a special workshop which our parents were invited to. It was special because we were the teachers! We had to talk our parents through how we have been learning to multiply and divide in our lessons. We were very good at it and our parents all tried really hard!

We had some excellent comments from parents too, many were surprised at how much we achieve in our lessons.

Thank you to those parents who joined us – the children really did enjoy it and were excellent at explaining their learning.

Research, plan. edit and publish


Over the last two weeks in our English lessons we have been learning about non-chronological reports. We have been through the whole writing process:

Research – First we researched what a non-chronological report was by looking at a range of examples. We learnt they were pieces of information that were not in time order. They had sub-titles and true facts. They had technical vocabulary (topic words).

Planning – We thought about everything we had learnt about Being Healthy this term and decided to plan our reports around this learning. We planned in notes using bullet-pointed lists.
Writing – We used our plan to help us write a paragraph at a time.

Editing – Miss Williams marked our writing and helped us find our mistakes by highlighting them in pink. We then corrected these mistakes using our purple polishing pens.

Publishing – We copied our reports up (with our corrections) in our neatest handwriting and added pictures, labels and colour to make people want to read them.

We think they are fantastic and Miss Williams said they were amazing! Lots of us got silver or gold cards for producing a leaflet to be proud of. Well done Toucans!

Staying safe and healthy


We have been learning about different ways to stay safe and healthy. In our PSHE lesson we investigated this picture:


We talked about what might be in the cupboard and why it was kept up high. We all shared ideas about our own homes and how we can make sure we stay safe. We made a list of things we should stay away from at home. Next week we will think about staying safe with medicines.