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Great Fire of London performance

This afternoon Year 2 had a very exciting experience. A visitor from Freshwater Theatre Group came to work with us about our History topic of the Great Fire of London. First she told us some facts about the fire and then we played a game. We had to follow instructions to make different shapes relating to the fire. We then got into two lines to become the houses on the streets of London. We learnt they were all very close together and that was one of the reasons why the fire spread so quickly.

The fire started with one small spark in a bakery on Pudding Lane and was soon spreading all over London. Yusif acted as Samuel Pepys and other children were his maids. They woke him up to tell him all about the fire and he was shocked! Then some other children joined in with the Drama and acted out what might have happened when the fire started.

Our favourite part was when we pretended we were the fire and leapt from house to house.

Here are some more facts we learnt:

Our favourite music

In Music today we listened to different types of music and shared our opinions of them. We expressed our opinions through drawing or writing. It was very interesting to listen to different types of music. We listened to ragtime music ‘The Entertainer’, classical music ‘Hungarian Dance’ by Brahms, Musical music ‘When I Grow Up’ and reggae music ‘Three Little Birds’. At the end we had to decide which was our favourite and why.

This was the results of our vote:
The Entertainer – 3
Hungarian Dance – 1
When I grow up – 5
Three Little Birds – 15

This is what we thought:

Telling the time

In our Maths lessons for the last two weeks we have been learning all about time. We started by refreshing our memories using analogue clocks for o’clock, quarter past and half past. Next we learnt how to tell the time to quarter to the hour. When we knew all those times on an analogue clock we started to link that knowledge to what those times look like on a digital clock. This was a bit trickier! With practise we soon improved. After that we started to learn to tell the time to five minute intervals. We did lots of practical work and made a special clock of our own to help us.

Now we are experts! Most of us can tell the time to five minutes on an analogue clock and we are beginning to understand what this looks like on a digital clock too. Some of use even started solving problems about time!

Maybe you could test us?

Safer Internet Day

Today we focused on safer internet day. We remembered these things to keep us safe online:

• Don’t give anyone any of your personal details like where you live, your name or school.
• Never share your password.

Today we learnt some new things about staying safe online.

This is what we learnt:

Ask us about the Penguin Pig and we will teach you some more new things!

Melting ice cube experiment

As you know, our topic this half term is all about Polar Adventures. We are working hard this week on our final non-chronological reports to send to Professor Pole telling him about everything we have learnt about the Arctic.

In our Science lesson this week we started to think more about ice. We know it is made by freezing water and we know when ice melts it returns to water. We looked at an ‘iceberg’ and felt it. It was extremely cold and we couldn’t touch it for too long! We noticed that when we started touching it we had water on our hands. We decided the heat from our hands was making it melt.

We are going to do an experiment to find the best and worst places in our classroom to melt an ice cube. Today we planned our experiment and made a prediction. Most of us thought it would melt faster by the radiator and slower by the door or window. We also talked about how we could check it was a fair test. We decided that we would all need to start our experiment at the same time and all use the same size ice cubes.

Check back next week to find out our results.

Amazing Art

In our Art lessons this half term we have been learning all about mixing colours. Today we put this new learning to use to make our own polar pictures using watercolour paints. We had to remember to not use too much water and we also focused on choosing and using the right size brush. A thick one for the big areas and the background and a thin one for the detail. What do you think of our pictures?

Handwriting competition

Today we have been practising our very best handwriting to enter the handwriting competition which our school are entering. Before we started we decided on some success criteria together:

We then had a little practise. We copied out the first two lined in our neatest handwriting and then again in our neatest joined handwriting. We then decided which would be our best chance of winning and copied out the whole poem. It was a bit tricky because we had plain paper but luckily Miss Williams attached a line guide underneath which helped us. We think it is our very best handwriting and we are crossing our fingers for a win!