Monthly Archives: April 2017

Mixing colours

In our Art lesson today we practised our painting skills. This year we have been focusing on mixing colours, drawing accurately and choosing and using appropriate tools. Today we learnt more information about rainforest animals and then drew and painted our own.

Discussing our value word – Friendship

Today in Circle Time we focused on our value word – Friendship.

We started with a challenge. Miss Williams gave us word cards with different qualities on. We had to sort them by choosing which qualities go with someone who is a good friend. This started a very sensible discussion about what makes someone a good friend.

We thought about our friends in school and at home and how we choose our friends.

We also thought about the qualities we look for in a friend and how these might be different for each of us. We are all going to try really hard over the rest of the week to be a good friend.

Writing instructions

Here’s the letter from a blog reader who needs your help!

We had a very exciting English lesson today! We have received a letter from someone who reads our blog asking for our help. We were very excited to receive a letter so thank you – whoever you are! The reader wanted to remain anonymous but asked us to help by writing instructions for how to make a fire engine. We were very willing to help so in English we have all written some excellent instructions. When we have finished we are going to put some of them on here for you to read and follow. We hope you enjoy making a fire engine with your child. Please remember to send us a photograph.

Video: Year 2 Toucans Polar Explorers

Today Toucans visited the North Pole and the South Pole! Have a look at our videos and see what we found out..

Of course we never really visited the Poles – they are too far away and too cold! In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to search for and save images. We have also been working on our acting and presentation skills.

We made our own reports and Mr Baddhan helped us to use the green screen to make it look like we really visited the North and South Pole. Do you think we did a good job?

Eastery Day!

Today we are having an egg-citing Eastery day! This morning we made chocolate nest cakes and we are doing some nice Easter activities. This afternoon we are having a special cinema afternoon. We think it will be egg-cellent!

Happy Easter everyone!

Multiskills competition

Today Year 2 went to a Multiskills competition. Our class split into three teams and we competed against other schools. We did lots of different activities like beanbag throw, rugby slalom and different running events.

We were one of the only schools who were cheering each other on! Well done Toucans, very good sportsmanship.

Practising our Polar Explorer facts

Year 2 Toucans have today started to practise reading their facts about the Arctic, before they visit the North and South Poles (not really!) later in the week.

During their Computing lesson, Toucans spent the afternoon reading through all the facts they have found and will be filmed in front of the green screen on Friday.

Well done Toucans, some fantastic acting and reading shown today!