Monthly Archives: May 2017

Celebration of SATs hardwork

Today we have had a very enjoyable day as a reward for working so hard on our SATs over the last few months. The children have all done their very best so today they chose to:

• Cook food to prepare for a party tomorrow.
• Have Goldentime with activities including games and painting.
• Watch a film.
• Enjoy spending time together singing and reading stories.

Tomorrow afternoon we will enjoy a party complete with food, games, balloons… and maybe even a little conga around school!

Well done Toucans, your teachers are very proud of you.

All about weaving

This morning we learnt all about weaving. We looked at some photographs of people around different parts of the world and how they use weaving to make things and for art work. We focused on weaving in the rainforest and how clever the tribes are! We couldn’t believe they make their own baskets from palm leaves and even hammocks to sleep in. Miss Williams showed us how to weave paper to make ourselves a placemat. We thought it was very impressive and that it looked easier. It was much trickier than in looked! Rubi gave us some wise words to keep us going ‘It’s not easy but you just have to persevere and you will get there in the end!’ Well done everyone – they look fantastic!

Henri Rousseau pictures

After a hard-working day doing our SATs we relaxed a little this afternoon by enjoying working on our Henri Rousseau pictures. We started making our trees and plants by scrunching and twisting tissue paper to make them 3-D. We then began making our animals. We are hiding them in our rainforests… can you spot them? Keep checking the blog for our finished pictures.

Rainforest Research

Today we combined our Geography and Computing lessons to learn more facts about the rainforest. We started by watching some clips about the temperature and weather patterns. Today in Birmingham it is 8 degrees Celsius and in Brazil where the Amazon rainforest is it is 31 degrees celcius! We learnt that this is because the sun’s rays are always directly overheard.

We then had a quick refresher on how to search safely using Swiggle and researched in pairs. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the animals that live in the different layers of the rainforest.

Identifying different trees, plants and flowers

Today in Science we started our next topic about plants. We focused on naming and then identifying different sorts of trees, plants and flowers. We started by listing all the plants we already knew. We then looked at some information about trees and learnt two new words – deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous means it loses it’s leaves in the autumn and evergreen means it doesn’t – it is green all year round.

We then went outside on a hunt. We had a list of different plants, flowers and trees with pictures to try and find. We found lots of different plants such as clover, daisies, ivy, buttercups and bramble. We found leaves from these trees: oak, holly, horse, ash, rowan and lime. We didn’t find a rose, elder or a yew tree.

New Learning

In our check-out today we discussed this week’s new learning:

We are also currently enjoying studying different author’s books as part of our daily storytime. We have already read these books by Julia Donaldson:

Monkey Puzzle
The Gruffalo
The Gruffalo’s Child
The Smartest Giant in Town
The Whale and the Snail
Cave Baby
The Scarecrow’s Wedding
And many more!

We are now reading books by Oliver Jeffers. His books are very different. He is also a wonderful illustrator as well as a good author. So far we have read:

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy
The Hueys in the New Jumper
How to Catch a Star

We have many more left to read which is good as we are really enjoying them!

Fun learning!

Thank you to all the parents who supported us by bringing their child into school today! The children worked extremely hard on some new learning (3-digit numbers) and continued practising their old learning (writing, < > = signs and inverse). There was, however, still time for some fun and treats!
We had a lovely picnic lunch outside, had a fantastic Art lesson to end the day and a little chocolate treat in between!