Monthly Archives: July 2017

A Last Goodbye

What a wonderful year we have had together Toucans. Miss Williams and Mrs Green will miss you very much. We have loved teaching you all and watching you grow. We are so proud of every single one of you and the progress you have made this year. Well done on such hard work and perfect behaviour. We hope you have a lovely summer holidays. Remember to stay safe and come and say hello to us in September.

We will leave you with this video of our memories from this year.

Video: What a wonderful week!

This week in Toucans class we have had a great time preparing for our class assembly which we performed today. We did such a FANTASTIC performance! Everyone was impressed with how loudly and clearly we said our lines, how beautifully we sang our songs and how well we acted our story out. Well done Toucans, your parents and teachers are very proud of you.


Year 2 Toucans used the Rapid Router website to fix programming instructions during Computing today.

They used direction blocks and a move forward block to program a truck to get to the finish line. Toucans demonstrated alot of perseverance to program their trucks correctly. Mr Baddhan was impressed with some of the Toucans skills of debugging (fixing mistakes) in their code.

Megan gave a tip to everyone in the lesson, saying if you count the number of grey lines, it tells you how many ‘move forward’ blocks are required.

Making our own spiders

This week we are making the spiders we designed in our DT lesson a few weeks ago. We started by using the template to draw then cut the correct shape carefully. We then learnt all about running stitch and how to thread a needle. Next we stuffed our soft toys and decorated them. We are looking forward to finishing them tomorrow so hopefully we can take them home on Friday.

Creating a branching database

Year 2 Toucans have today been creating their own branching databases based on animals or food and drink.

Toucans learned yesterday that that a branching database is a way of sorting different types of information into groups.

Toucans sorted their objects into groups by asking based on the feature of the group e.g “do they have ears”, “do they hunt at night?”, “do they have fur?”

Understanding branching databases

Year 2 Toucans have today been learning about branching databases. They learned that a branching database is a way of sorting different types of information into groups.

Today, Toucans used Top Trump cards to see how information is sorted into different topics. They played the Top Trump cards in small groups, each trying out different sets of card after the game had finished.

Toucans also put together a branching database together, they did one database about food/drink and another on animals. They put different questions together to group each item for example, “does it have black ears?”, “does it have a beak?” etc.

Tomorrow, Year 2 Toucans will create their own branching database and try each others databases.