Monthly Archives: September 2017

Cycling exercise

We bought our bikes into school as we have been learning all bout exercise and being healthy. We had great fun but also thought about which muscles in our body we were working and how. We think cycling is great exercise as you can see from our photos.

When we came inside we had a look at some children’s helmets. We talked about how helmets help to keep our heads safe and how important they are. Miss Williams showed us what might happen to our heads if we don’t wear a helmet by putting Mr Egg on a bike and rolling him off. He didn’t end up looking very healthy – in fact he looked egg-stremely sorry for himself!

Miss Williams challenged us to design and make a helmet for Mr Egg and then experiment with which was the most useful. We all chose our materials carefully and we used our knowledge of looking at real helmets to help us with this.

We decided to keep some things the same so that Mr Egg had the same chance in everyone’s helmet. We all agreed Miss Williams would roll him off each time and it would be from the same table so that the height was the same. We also had the same size egg. Have a look at our photos to find out what happened… some helmets were egg-spertly made and some egg-stremely dangerous!

The journey of germs

Today in science we learnt more about how germs are spread. We watched a slow motion sneeze and thought it was disgusting! We then learnt about the journey of the germ and how it doubles and spreads by passing onto everything we touch. We also learnt there are good germs that help fight the bad germs which make us poorly. We pretended to be slow motion sneezers with our spray bottles and watched how far our ‘germs’ spread. We then carried out an experiment to see who could ‘sneeze’ the hardest! This was a very fun lesson but we also learnt a lot. Always wash your hands well after you sneeze or cough or even better try to catch the germs in a tissue.

Partitioning numbers

In Maths we have been practising partitioning numbers. Today we used dienes and partitioning trees to practise partitioning numbers in different ways. We started to look at the pattern of the numbers as we partition and think about the place value of each digit to help us. Tomorrow some of us will try without dienes.


Today in Science we started to think about all the different ways we can exercise. Here were our ideas:

Star jumps
Monkey bars

We then completed a challenge to see how many exercises we could do in one minute. We talked about how exercise made us feel. We decided that:

• It made us hot.
• It made our heart beat faster.
• It made us out of breath.
• It made our muscles tired.

These all mean that our heart is having to work harder which should help to keep it healthy.

Discussing our value word – Responsbility

In Circle Time today we thought about our value word of responsibility.

Lewis – At home I am responsible for looking after my toys in my bedroom.
Leo – At home I am responsible for my sister.
Esmay – At home I am responsible for bringing the washing in if it rains.
Cerrys – At home I am responsible for looking after my toys.
Callum C – At home I am responsible for looking after my baby brother.
Nyeema – At home I am responsible for looking after the toys I care about.
Lola – At home I am responsible for cleaning my bedroom.
Shona – At home I am responsible for folding my pyjamas in the morning.
Dayne – At home I am responsible for keeping my brother safe.
Kerris – At home I am responsible for my Mum when she’s poorly.
Amelia – At home I am responsible for the cleaning because everyone in my family has jobs.
Harley – At home I am responsible for cleaning my bedroom if it is messy.
Callum F – At home I am responsible for my toys, my sister, my brother and tidying my room.

Listening to and evaluating music

Today we enjoyed our first real Music lesson. We started by listening and evaluating a piece of music called March past of the kitchen utensils. We had excellent ideas about what the music might be about and were able to name some of the instruments which were playing.

Miss Williams then taught us boom-chicka-boom as a warm up chant and we loved it! Next we explored the difference between beat and rhythm. We then practised two songs that we learnt last week; A plate of potatoes and How many people here for dinner? Both of these songs helped us to practise beat and rhythm.

Finally we listened to a song called Grandpa’s strolling down the avenue. It was an interesting song because the first verse was very slow, then the next verse and little faster and the last verse very fast. First we practised clapping along to the beat and then we moved around the classroom to the beat. We were very good at it and are looking forward to next week’s lesson.

Being proud of our work

This week in English we have spent some time getting used to how to make sure our work is always a piece to be proud of. We have practised our very neatest handwriting, focusing on ascenders and descenders, and practised finding and correcting spelling errors.

We have also read the book Oliver’s Vegetables. Today we started to learn about the sequence of the events in the story and practised it for ourselves using a story map. We could all use our maps to talk through the story. Excellent work