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Medicines and household substances

In our PSHE lesson today we focused on the dangers of medicines and household substances. We started with a picture of things we might find in our cupboards and home. We learnt what all the symbols on them mean and found that some could be much more dangerous than we thought.

We then focused on medicines. We had some very sensible discussions about what medicines we had had in the past and who should give us medicines. We were given some scenarios like these ones to discuss:

– You find some tablets on the floor at home. What should you do?
– A friend offers you some medicine for your cough. What should you do?
– You have a headache and you know there is calpol in the cupboard upstairs. What should you do?

We had some excellent ideas and know we should never take medicines on our own.

Discussing our value word – Freedom

Today we had our final Circle Time about this month’s value word: Freedom. During November we have had lots of discussions about freedom and what it means to be free. We have watched a video clip about the convention of the rights of a child and how we are free to have healthy food, play and be protected from danger. We have also read many stories (our favourite was Happytown) and learnt the song I’m OK. We finished all our learning with a final circle about how we are free.

Making our healthy sandwiches

This afternoon we made healthy sandwiches in our DT lesson. Some of us also tasted our sandwich and some of us wanted to take it home.

First, we got all our ingredients ready. We chose our bread (from our design) and put butter or mayonnaise on it. Then we put our fillings on it (cheese, ham or chicken). Next we put our salad on (tomato, cucumber and/or lettuce) because we wanted it to be healthy. We also all used brown bread.

Finally we put them in a bag ready to take home at the end of the day. We are looking forward to eating our sandwiches.

Singing ‘Ho Ho Ho’

In Music this week we continued to work on our song Ho Ho Ho! We now know all the words for the singing part and are beginning to get better at the rap. This week we added glockenspiels to the musical interlude section of the song. Considering it was our first lesson with the glockenspiels we were very good!

We have also been continuing to work on our concentration skills as this is our focused behaviour for learning this half term. Over the last few weeks we have worked on our concentration by playing memory games. This week we started with practising some tongue twisters. It was very tricky! We really had to concentrate on saying the correct words. Then we played Jenga in groups. We really had to concentrate on what we were doing to make sure the tower didn’t fall. We think we are getting better at concentrating and are putting it into practise in our lessons.

Maps, atlases and globes

In Geography today we started to learn about maps, atlases and globes. We soon discovered we have lots of them on display in our classroom! We looked at Google Earth on the computer and found our school. We were very excited to look down on it from above!

We then explored maps inside atlases for ourselves. We looked at lots of different atlases to start with and then chose one to use for our challenge. Miss Williams put a list of places on the whiteboard and challenged us to find them. It was great fun but a lot trickier than we first thought.

Maths workshop

Today Year 2 had their Maths workshop all about multiplication and division. Miss Williams told our visitors how we are learning in Maths using the mastery approach. Then we came into the hall and did some counting together. We had a booklet of activities to complete together and were really good at explaining our learning to our visitors. We all had a wonderful time!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the children. We had lots of positive feedback about the workshop too so thank you 🙂

Anti-bullying Week – Questions, banners and posters

In our PSHE and Circle Time today we thought more about anti-bullying week. We focused on three questions:

What should you do if you see someone being bullied?
Nyeema – Support them and be on their side.
Kai – Don’t just watch. Tell the teacher.
Scarlette – Tell a trusted adult.
Lola – Tell the headteacher.
Brooke – Do whatever you can to help them.
Taya – Go to the bullies and explain how upset they are making the person they are bullying.
Frankie-Dee – Be kind to them and tell you will help.
Esmay – Give them a hug to make them feel better.
Dayne – Tell the bullies to stop and be kind.
Mason – Tell any adult or a teacher.
Callum F – Tell the bully to go away. You can prevent it.
Keris – Peacemaker it for them.

What would you say to someone who thinks being different is wrong?
Ryan – No it isn’t!
Dayne – It’s great to be different.
Callum C – If you are different you are just special.
Esmay – Stop saying that… it’s rude!
Taya – We are all equal. You just be who you are.
Brooke – You can be as different as you want.
Scarlett – It’s ok to be different, it doesn’t matter what colour hair or skin or anything. It just doesn’t matter.
Nyeema – Its ok to be different because people all turn out differently.
Kerris – It’s exciting to be different.
Amelia – I am me and I have the choice to be different.
Shona – It doesn’t matter if you are different.

What sensible thoughts Toucans! We then made our own posters and banners ready for our protest on Friday.

Anti-bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week and the theme is ‘All equal, all different’. We spent some time discussing what this meant and then thought of ways in which we are all the same and ways in which we are different. We all had some excellent ideas:

We decided that the theme meant that it doesn’t matter whether you are different, everyone is equal to everyone else. No-one is better than anyone else or worse for any reason.


Today in our check-out we had a general think about what we are enjoying. Miss Williams gave us the sentence starter:

I like it when…

Kerris – We learn new things in all our different lessons.
Kai – We do topic. I like all the different topics we have done so far.
Scarlette – We spend time together as a class.
Taya – We do Maths. I really liked learning about times and divide this week.
Frankie-Dee – We go on trips like this week at Tesco.
Esmay – I make my teachers happy and when I get silver and gold cards.
Frankie – Miss Williams teaches us PE.
Dayne – Everyone is happy. That makes me happy too.
Zaynab – We do spellings. I like learning new words.

Keep up the hard work Toucans! We all like hard work!

Good hygiene

Today we started to prepare for our first DT topic in Y2 which we are starting next week. In DT we research, design, make and evaluate a product. Our first DT product is going to be to research, design, make and evaluate a healthy sandwich.

As we will be working with food we focused on good hygiene. We talked about what this meant and then came up with some rules we think should be followed when working with food.

We also talked about the importance of keeping germs away from food which we are making for others. We already know from our Science lessons how quickly germs spread! We decided if we touched our faces we would need to wash our hands again.

We made ourselves a chef hat with the rules on to remind ourselves next week.

A Trip to Tesco

Today Year 2 went on a wonderful trip to Tesco! Half of us went this morning and half of us went this afternoon but we all did similar things while we were there. When we arrived we met Thelma who was our guide for the lesson. She was very clever and quite funny! First she took us to the bakery. We learnt the four main stages of making bread: mixing, dividing, proving and baking. It was very interesting to see all the large machines they use to help them with each stage. We got to look inside a big mixer and feel the heat from the hot ovens. They were 225 degrees Celsius inside! Luckily, we only felt it from a distance. We met some different people who worked in the bakery who showed us how they slice the loaves and how they package them. The most exciting part of being in the bakery was playing with some dough for ourselves. Thelma showed us how to knead the bread and then we shaped it into a roll. Thelma thought she wasn’t very good at making rolls but we told her to persevere. We told her the saying we say to ourselves in school ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’. She thought we were lovely children and said it bought a tear to her eye! We also persevered and made some very neat looking rolls.

Next we went to meet Tina and Sue on the fish counter. They showed us lots of different sorts of fish, including some we had never seen before. Some of us thought the squid looked disgusting! We also learnt some interesting facts. Did you know a tuna fish can swim at a speed of 45 miles per hour? That it faster than a car on a normal road! We also learnt that prawns change colour when they are cooked so you should never eat one if it is grey only if it is pink.

Then we visited Theresa on the cheese counter. This was another exciting counter because we got to taste three different cheeses. We tried Applewood which was a smoked cheese and not many of us liked it. We tried Wesleydale with cranberries which most of us liked. We tried Five counties which nearly all of us liked. It was nice to try different cheeses even if we didn’t like them all. We also learnt there are four animals you can make cheese from; cows, sheep, goats and buffalo.

After that we went into the warehouse. Some of us had time to look around and go in the fridge which was a chilly 2 degrees Celsius. There were lots of people working in the warehouse doing lots of different jobs.

Finally we went into a small room and tried some of the bread we had seen being baked earlier. It was delicious! We also had some fruit and a drink before returning to school.

It was a lovely day and Miss Williams, Mrs Green and Thelma were very impressed with our brilliant behaviour and manners during the day. We even had compliments from people who were doing their shopping! One lady said how well we listened and how nicely we were behaving and talking to Thelma.

Well done Toucans. We are pleased it was a very successful trip!

Check back on the blog tomorrow as we will be writing our own recounts of the trip for you to read.

Living things

Today in Science we started to learn more about living things. We explored and discussed a set of pictures and sorted them into two piles – things that are alive and things that are not alive. We then used this to make a list of criteria that means that something is alive. We decided that all living things can:

At first we were unsure about plants but once we compered them to the criteria above we realised they were living.

We then started to think about those things that weren’t alive and discuss whether some of them had been alive at one time. For example we looked at a chicken drumstick and decided it isn’t alive now but it had once been part of a chicken which was alive. We looked at cotton and Oliver told us it once it had been on a cotton plant so we classed it as not alive now. Kai told us about sugar – he knew it grows in a plant called sugar cane so it is not alive now. We are working on our own sorting activity so will share some pictures tomorrow when we have finished.

Say no to bullying!

Year 2 have been discussing bullying and what it means. The children knew that bullying was when someone hurts you several timeson purpose. They talked about what types of bullying there are and how it can make people feel when it happens to them. All the children knew who they could talk to if bullying was happening to them.