Monthly Archives: February 2018

Using atlases

Today, Year 2 Toucans have been using atlases to find the country of origin on certain foods. The children had to find where mangoes, cucumbers, plums and sweet potatoes came from on maps of the world. They used the index of the atlas to find the page where the country could be located. We also discussed where different foods came from around the world.

Primary and secondary colours

In our Art lesson today we learnt about primary and secondary colours. Primary colours are red, blue and yellow and they are the colours that can’t be made. From these colours we can make secondary colours which are orange, green and purple. Then from these (plus black and white) we can make all different colours!

We experimented with colour mixing for ourselves. Some colours were easy to make and some were trickier. We persevered until we were happy with out colours.

Texture and shading

Today we started our new Art topic. Our learning objective was to draw with texture and shading. We shared some ideas and worked out different ways we could use our pencil to meet the objective.

We all first tried to draw a polar bear. We had a guide sheet to help us to draw the correct shape. We then added our own detail and texture.

Next we had pictures of different polar animals. We started by focusing again on the shape and outline. We then added detail, texture and shading. We really tried our best!

Video: Reporting from the North and South pole

Today we are making our own videos from the North and South Pole! Of course we are not really going to travel all that way but we are going to use the magic of technology to send us there! This morning we used our non-chronological reports as a basis for our presentation. We planned together what we were going to say and then practiced until we were ready. We had to rehearse to ensure we knew what we were all saying and we also had to practise using loud clear voices.

When we were ready we went to the media centre a group at a time and Mr Baddhan recorded us in front of the green screen. We hope you enjoy our reports.

Subtracting skills

In our Maths lessons this week we are focusing on our subtracting skills. We started by exploring different ways of proving a subtraction calculation was correct. Miss Williams gave us lots of different equipment and we had to use it to convince our partner and her that the calculation was correct. We managed to prove it in lots of different ways!

This week we are going to develop our ability to subtract with dienes and then move to subtracting on a blank number line.


Today we thought about how we put our perseverance into practise! We talk about the important of persevering all the time but we don’t always apply it to our learning. That is what we have been focusing on this week. We are really improving!

Perseverance really is key Toucans. Not just in theory… but in practise! Well done and keep trying.

Hockey skills

In our PE lessons this term we have been using our skills to play games. We have practised our throwing and catching skills to learn how to play benchball. It was a very fun game! We had to be skilful and choose when and who to pass to which made it a bit tricky sometimes.

Today we started to learn the skills to play hockey. We used a hockey stick and ball to practise control and passing. Over the next few weeks we will learn some of the rules so we can play a full game.

Exploring different materials

Today we had a very exciting letter from Professor Pole thanking us for our letters and helping with his research. He also asked us to help him again! He has to write a report about his findings but he doesn’t know what it should look like. Luckily, we do! So we are going to help him by writing some as examples and sending them to him.

In our Science lesson today we explored materials further. Professor Pole needs a new umbrella so we thought about the properties it would need to have. We focused on thinking about the words waterproof and absorbent. We had five different materials and had to set up an experiment to find which ones were absorbent and which were waterproof. We know experiments must be fair tests so we kept some things the same: same size material, same amount of water and put them in for the same amount of time. We worked in groups to plan and carry out our experiments. Look at our work to find out our results.


This week we have been so busy learning that we haven’t had time to update our blog as regularly as normal. For check-out this week we discussed what we had enjoyed. This will give you a flavour of what busy bees we have been this week!