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Easter story

Today we had a special visitor from Kings Norton church. Pauline came to talk to us about Easter and tell us the Easter story. We learnt lots of new things that we didn’t already know about the story. She was very interesting to listen to and very good at telling stories!

Our teachers were very proud of how well we sat and listened. We also asked lots of sensible questions.


This week in Maths we are learning about measures. We have learnt how to measure length in metres and centimetres and today we moved on to learning about mass.

We stared by thinking about real life objects and estimating how much they might weigh. We then did and activity where we predicted and measured whether things weighed more or less than 1kg. We were quite surprised by some of our results!

Constructing our fire engines

Today we finished constructing our fire engines. We had to use many skills to make them including measuring, cutting and joining. We also had good ideas for how we wanted to make things but sometimes they didn’t quite work out as we planned! This meant we has to use our problem solving skills and find a different way of doing something.

Our finished fired engines look fabulous!

Great Fire of London pictures

In our Art lesson today we finished our Great Fire of London pictures. We drew and cut out silhouettes of houses from black paper. We then used our colour mixing skills to paint the flames and smoke. We were given red, yellow, black and white and had to mix the colours we needed from those.

We then used long brush strokes for the flames and stippled the smoke on. We think they look very effective!

Researching about fire engines

This week in our topic lessons we have started our next DT project. We are going to be making fire engines so first we had to find out how vehicles move. We found that they all had wheels and axles and learnt some facts about them.

We then researched what fire engines looked like and used this knowledge to design our own. We made a list of tools and resources that we would need to use.


To understand the nature of generosity.

Today, the children have been looking at what generosity means during RE. The children watched a PowerPoint about The Golden Statue and how the Buddhist monks collected money to create it. The story is all about the generosity of people regardless of how rich or poor they are. It also tells us how we should be grateful and thankful however small the donation.

The children discussed how the poorest person was the most generous because they had the least to give.

The children discussed that if they had money they would they give it to:

We looked at how important Lotus Flowers are to the Buddhist religion. Here are some pictures of Lotus Flowers made by the children

Discussing our value word – Honesty

Today in Circle Time we shared our thoughts about our value word of honesty.

Tell us about a time when you were honest:
Dayne – I was honest when I spilt milk on my brother’s x-box.
Ke Xin – I was honest when I hurt my brother by accident.
Taya – I had to be honest when I ate all the chocolate.
Kerris – When it was snowing I threw a snowball at my brother and I was honest when Mum asked me.
Kai – I was honest when I hit my sister.

Why is honesty important?
Esmay – It is important because some things can be dangerous so you need to tell the truth.
Scarlette – It is important to be honest because if you lie you will get told off.
Amelia – If you lie it might have consequences for other people.
Brooke – It’s not good if you lie because you will get it trouble.
Shona – It is important to be honest because you might feel sad if someone else gets into trouble for something you have done.

Sharing our own storybooks with Reception

This morning we went to share our own story books with Reception. We worked hard earlier this term inventing our own stories about the character of Lars from all the Little Polar Bear books by Hans deBeer. We went through all the processes a real author does: we planned our story, wrote our story, edited and improved our story, had feedback then edited again and finally published it into our own little books. When we published we used our very best handwriting (we wanted to impress!) and we also added illustrations to keep our readers interested.

Swans were very good listeners! We paired up with different children to share our stories and even asked them some questions to check they had understood. The teachers were very impressed with our reading aloud. Mrs Sabir said we read with great intonation, expression and real passion! We really enjoyed the whole process of making our very own books.

Great Fire of London drama journey

This afternoon Year 2 had a very exciting experience. A visitor from Freshwater Theatre Group came to work with us about our History topic of the Great Fire of London. Mary was a real eyewitness! She told us she was there at the time of the fire and took us on a Drama journey through the story of how the fire happened. We learnt it happened in 1666 when all the houses in London were built very close together. We got into two lines to become the houses on the streets of London. We learnt one of the reasons why the fire spread so quickly was because the sparks leapt from one house to the next.

The fire started with one small spark in a bakery on Pudding Lane and was soon spreading all over London. Callum C acted as Samuel Pepys and other children were his maids. They woke him up to tell him all about the fire and he was shocked! Then some other children joined in with the Drama and acted out what might have happened when the fire started. They had some excellent ideas for what the people might have said!

We followed Mary around the streets of London and discovered how devastating the effects of the fire were. We saw all the houses on fire, the streets were full of people trying to escape and even the churches were burning. We tried to escape the fire by getting on a boat – the cheeky man even asked us to pay! The fire burnt for four whole days until the blew the houses up to make fire breaks.

After the fire King Charles (Keelie) and the Lord Mayor (Leo) were asked about their plans to rebuild London. We gave them some good advice:

What a wonderful workshop!

What a wonderful workshop!