Monthly Archives: May 2018

Party time!

This afternoon we had a wonderful party to celebrate all our fantastic learning this term. We played lots of party games and had some delicious food! Lots of children won prizes but the most enjoyable part was the lovely supportive atmosphere.

Well done Toucans! Have a very happy half term.

Perfect behaviour

Today, Year 2 have been discussing perfect behaviour. We made a mind map to show their perception of perfect behaviour.

We also discussed that certain behaviours were acceptable in certain situations, e.g. playground voices and actions were not acceptable in the classroom.

We looked at the story of Zaccheus and how when he met Jesus he changed his bad ways and became a good person by changing his behaviour. The children thought about what Jesus might not like about them if he were their friend;

Callum C ‘Have a nicer attitude to others.’
Amelia ‘Listen to my parents at bedtime.’
Kaiden ‘Be kinder to my brother even when he annoys me.’
Essay ‘Listen to my mum when she tells me to do my spellings.’
Cerrys ‘Stop teasing my brother.’


In our Art lesson today we learnt about weaving. We learnt weaving is used all over the world to make lots of different objects. It links to our topic of the rainforest because people have used weaving for hundreds of years to make different things they need. People use palm leaves to weave baskets, hammocks and many more household objects.

We started by making our looms which is what you weave onto. We then learnt the pattern under, over, under, over and used it to weave. We had to remember to start each one the opposite way. Some of us found it tricky to start with but when we persevered we soon got the hang of it.

Researching for our non-chronological reports

We have been super busy in year 2 this half term preparing for our SATs. We have worked so hard in our normal English and Maths lessons but also had extra English and Maths lessons too. Luckily, we have still found time to do our topic of the rainforest.

We now know lots of facts and are preparing to write our own non-chronological reports next week. Today we did some final research to check we’re sure of our facts before we start to write.

Rainforest Art

Today we started exploring the rainforest in Art. We practised drawing and painting rainforest animals. We had some photographs and a choice of A4 or A5 paper. We had to decided whether to have our paper landscape or portrait. We then drew our pictures to fill the paper, focusing on size and shape.

We then decided whether to use a thick or thin brush for each part. We had to mix our own colours too at times.

Have a look at our finished pieces.

Being quiet in a place of worship

Year 2 Toucans have been discussing the importance of being quiet in a place of worship today.

First we discussed when it was important to be quiet:
David -‘ When the baby is sleeping.’
Esmay – ‘When we are at the cinema.’
Amelia – ‘When the teacher is talking.’

We also talked about how we think differently in different places:
Callum F – ‘When I am at school I think about lunch but at home I think about playing at my nans.’
Amelia – ‘I think about lessons and SATs but at home I think about my family.’

Later in the lesson, the children looked at Christian Churches and how there are many similarities and differences between different buildings. Some were very large and grand others small and humble but all the children agreed that these buildings were quiet, peaceful places because Christians need quiet to pray, reflect and think.

Writing postcards

In our English lessons we are really focusing on improving our handwriting. BUT – not just in English, in every lesson! Today in Geography we wrote postcards as if we were in the Amazon rainforest. We focused on the geographical features of the rainforest and how we would describe it to someone who had never been there.

We used our very nearest handwriting as we did our writing. We are very proud of our finished postcards.

Estimating to calculate

This week in Maths we are using our estimating skills to calculate. Sometimes in Maths we calculate an answer incorrectly so we are learning how to estimate to decide whether our answer is sensible or not.

Yesterday we learnt how to round numbers to the nearest ten. Today we used this knowledge to estimate the answer to different calculations. This is an important skills because it will help us to be more accurate in all our Maths lessons.