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Today for check-out we discussed all the wonderful pieces of work we have done during Arts Week. We discussed all the pieces we have created and all the different techniques we have used. We chose our favourite to share with our friends.

Arts Week: William Morris

We are having a wonderful Art week in Y2. We are focusing on William Morris and have learnt lots of facts about him. We have taken inspiration from his work and nature but also used our own free choice and imagination to create some wonderful pieces of work.

We started by looking closely at one of his wallpaper designs. We used a viewfinder to pick out as small part and enlarge it. We had to really focus on the size and shape of things. We then painted it using watercolours.

We then explored the woodland walk for some leaves. We used them to create our own polystyrene tile. We used our imagination to make a nature-themed string printing tile. We then used both of them to print our own wallparer. We think they look amazing!

Next we did a paired challenge. We had a very large piece of sugar paper and folded it in half. We had to use our mathematical skills as well as our art skills as it needed to be symmetrical. We took it in turns to descide what to draw on our side then our partner reflected it onto their side. We used pastels to colour them.

We have also created some stained glass windows as this is another thing William Morris made. We made ours relating to the theme of nature again. We used sharpies, laminating sheets and tissue paper. Look at our finished pieces of work and see if you can guess what we did to make them. It was very tricky and took a long time!

Everyone is really enjoying Art week and showing good behaviours for learning, particularly concentration and perseverance.

A trip to Twycross Zoo

On Tuesday we had a wonderful trip to the zoo! We visited nearly all the animals including the meerkats, penguins, butterflies, tapirs, lemurs and many different types of monkeys. The weather was very hot and we did lots of walking but still had had a truly wonderful time. All the children were very well behaved! They have written recounts about the day so they can tell you about their favourite parts themselves.

Our written recounts

Photos of our trip

Soft toy spider

Our DT project this term was to make a soft toy spider learning and using sewing skills. First we examined real soft toys, having a close look at the seams. We investigated different types of stitches and then explored what we wanted our to look like. We designed with a person in mind who we were making it for. This helped us to make important choices like what colours they would like and whether they would like a friendly-looking spider or one more like a real life spider.

We then learnt how to do running stitch to sew our two pieces of felt together. We used real needles so had to think about how we would keep ourselves and others safe while we sewed. We then completed our spiders by decorating them. We are going to evaluate our DT project this week then take our spiders home for the person we made them for. We think they look amazing!

Art Week – Repetition using stamp tool

As part of Art week, Year 2 Toucans have been learning about the artist William Morris.

Today as part of their Digital Media lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 2 Toucans looked at one of his drawings and they used the stamp tool in a photo editing program to repeat his style.

The lesson looked at how repetition is used in William Morris’ drawings and how easily this can be integrated using photo editing software.

William Morris’s original drawing

Alexi and Kexin’s work

Dayne’s work

Esmay and Shona’s work

Leo’s work

Lola’s work

Ryan’s work

David’s work

Zaynab and Frankie’s work

Programming using Scratch Jr

Year 2 Toucans have continued with programming during Computing today by using Scratch Junior on the iPads.

The children demonstrated their understanding of building algorithms and debugging. Mr Baddhan tasked the children to use motion blocks and say blocks to program their sprite to cross the road, say something and then carry on walking.

Some of the children introduced two sprites and add similar code to them too.

Sports Day

On Wednesday 20th June Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful sports day. As you can see from our photos we had great fun! We tried lots of different events, including some we had never tried before. Thank you to all the parents who came to support and to Mr Gill for organising it.

Creating a branching database

Year 2 Toucans have today been creating their own branching databases based on food and drink.

Toucans learned that that a branching database is a way of sorting different types of information into groups.

Toucans sorted their items into groups by asking questions based on the group of pictures e.g “can you eat it?”. “Is it dairy?”. “Does it grow on trees?” etc.

Story of Scaredy Squirrel

This week in English Year 2 have been learning the story of Scaredy Squirrel which is a tale of fear. We talked about other stories we thought were tales of fear and other characters who are usually scared or scary.

We have learnt the beginning and build up so far and are making our own story maps to help us learn.

Identifying plants

In Science, Year 2 were asked to identify and name a variety of plants. They first had to give Mrs Knipe as much information as they already knew about plants and trees. Once they shared their knowledge they then learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees ( I wonder if you know what they are?) After that they went outside to try and spot the different types of plants, flowers and trees that are in and around our school. They found Clover, Daises, Ivy plus Sycamore and Oak trees along with other varieties.