Monthly Archives: October 2018


As part of our check-out today we thought about how we would stay safe in the holidays. We had some very sensible ideas:

• Always stay with a grown-up.
• Always hold a grown-ups hand across the road.
• Never swim in rivers.
• Always look where you are going and be careful.
• Never talk to strangers.

Stay safe and happy holidays!

Exploring dance

In our PE lessons this term we have been exploring Dance. We have practised moving our bodies in different ways and making different shapes. We have been trying to learn the order we do each movement in and practise it to music.

Our dance tells the harvest story of growing grain. See if you can work out what each part is.

Giving instructions using 2Go

Today in Computing we discussed our new class charter for using the internet. We shared ideas about each rule and then signed to say we will follow them.

We then used 2Go on Purple Mash to practise giving instructions. The challenges started easy and then got harder! We had to persevere a lot with some of them to get them correct but we really enjoyed the challenge.

Instruction learning

This week we are learning about instructions in our English lessons. We had two sets of instructions to use to make ourselves a toucan mask. We had to read and compare them and then decide which set to follow. We decided that one set was much clearer than the other and that made them easier to follow. We enjoyed following the instructions to make our masks and were able to start thinking about what instructions need.


Today in Circle Time we focused on listening – one of our behaviours for learning. We played a game where we had to practise passing the tambourine around the circle as silently as possible. It was very tricky! We then listened for 1 minute inside and 1 minute outside and made a list of all the things we learnt. It was interesting how different children heard different things. We decided some children are about to close out certain noises like coughing and shuffling. We thought these children must be able to learn more as they are less distracted. We went around the circle and thought about why it is important to listen in school:

Line drawings

In Art yesterday we learnt how to do a line drawing focusing on size and shape. Today we learnt how to add texture to our drawings by using lines, dots and shading. We explored different textures first and then drew some fruits that had different textures. We tried hard to use the different methods. Some of us even learnt about some new fruit we hadn’t seen before!