Monthly Archives: December 2018

Bells Farm Healthy restaurant

On Friday Year 2 celebrated the end of their Being Healthy topic by opening and running the first ever Bells Farm Healthy restaurant. We spent all day cooking and preparing for the big event!

The children worked super-hard all day. They made their own pizza dough, chopped all the vegetables for the toppings and salad and even set up the restaurant themselves.

They loved welcoming their parents and visitors and serving the food they had made themselves. Everyone had such a wonderful time! They must have been very good waiters and waitresses because we got £33 in tips! The money is being put towards a workshop in the Spring term so thank you for your generosity.

Thank you to everyone who came to support this event. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and we hope you did too.

Dangers of medicines and household substances

Year 2 Toucans have been learning about the dangers of medicines and household substances such as washing up liquid and bleach.

They know that they shouldn’t eat or drink any of these things. They discussed in pairs what they would do if they found tablets in the playground or if they felt ill, who was allowed to give them medication.

The children were very sensible and knew not to eat or drink household cleaners that may be under the sink. As a class, they looked at different products with symbols to show how dangerous they were.

Oliver – Don’t drink bleach it will make you ill or die.
Kenzie – Don’t touch things in case they are poisonous. The skull and crossbones symbol meant Toxic.
Paige – If you have little brothers and sisters make sure they don’t swallow anything. If they do, tell an adult.

Non-chronological report researching

This week we are preparing to write our own non-chronological report. In our English lessons we have been learning about what reports look like and what they need to have.

In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to search safely using the internet. We talked about using the internet at home and some of us said we use it on our own. Miss Williams told us Google can be unsafe to use on our own as it searches the whole internet and sometimes brings results we shouldn’t see. Instead we learnt about using Swiggle which is a child-friendly search engine.

We practiced using it and adding facts to our research mats.