Monthly Archives: February 2019

Digital footprints

Today is the beginning of Safer Internet Week. In year 2 we are focusing on digital footprints. We learnt that every time you go online you leave a footprint wherever you have been. This footprint can’t be changed or erased so you must always be very careful about what you tell people online.

We practiced being online detectives. We had some clues containing screenshots of screens Penelope uses and had to find out as many facts about her as we could. We learnt a lot more than we thought we would! Later in the week we are going to be thinking about our own digital footprints.

Experimenting and investigating

This week in our science lessons we have been experimenting and investigating. Today we planned and carried out an experiment to find out what makes ice melt more quickly. We shared our ideas and in groups put ice cubes in 3 different places in the classroom.

We then observed them every 10 minutes to see how they had changed.

Look at our photos to see what we found out!