Monthly Archives: March 2019

Experiencing silence

Today in our RE lesson we experienced silence! We sat in silence first in our classroom and then outside. This is what it made us think of and how it made us feel:

We then thought about different places where we would be quiet and what we would think about in each place.

Amaya– in my bed!
Charlie– in school, in lesson time
Lilly Rose– the garden and my bedroom.
Mila– The forest
Pippa– In church it’s quiet so you can think about people and things.

This led to us focusing on why people are quiet in places of worship. We learnt about where people of different religions go to worship and why quiet is important in all of them.

Willy’s Stories

In our story times over the last few weeks we have been enjoying stories by Anthony Browne. We love his detailed illustrations! Today in English we started reading Willy’s Stories.

We picked out things that we liked and started to think about what might happen next. Later in the week we are going to write our own version in the style of Willy’s Stories.

Video: Polar Explorers

Today Toucans visited the North Pole and the South Pole! Have a look at our video and see what we found out..

Of course we never really visited the Poles – they are too far away and too cold! In our Computing lessons we have been learning how to search for and save images. We have also been working on our acting and presentation skills.

We made our own reports and Mr Baddhan helped us to use the green screen to make it look like we really visited the North and South Pole. Do you think we did a good job?

Great Fire of London workshop

This afternoon Toucans had a wonderful workshop all about the Great Fire of London.

This is what we learnt:

This is what we enjoyed:
Ryan – I enjoyed being the King of London!
Millie – I enjoyed being a spark and flames of fire and dancing and spreading the fire around.
Havana – I liked being a worker. I was a vegetable seller.
Blessed – I enjoyed running around with the fire.
Kezie – I enjoyed being the fire from the oven and being a horse.
Scarlet – I enjoyed spreading the fire in a circle.
Lily W – I enjoyed doing ring-a-roses.
Ali – I enjoyed pretending to be a rat!
Ibrahim – I enjoyed trying to put the fire out.