Monthly Archives: June 2019

A Wonderful Day at the Zoo

Wow! Today Toucans had a really lovely day at Twycross Zoo. Everyone was perfectly behaved which meant we really got to make the most of our day.

This morning we saw the meerkats, leaopards, penguins, flamingos and all different sorts of birds.

Then we went to the discovery centre where we had a lesson all about how animals adapt to their habitats. The teacher was very impressed with how much we already knew! We met a bearded dragon called Alice and a hissing cockroach called Alan. We were super brave because most of us touched them.

After that we had lunch – finally! We then went to the park and had a whale of a time playing together.

This afternoon we saw many different types of monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, lemurs and many more animals on the way to them!

On the coach on the way back some of us even needed a little snooze!

Your teachers are very proud of the listening, behaviour and manners you showed today Toucans. Well done!


During their PSHE lesson, Year 2 were thinking about feelings, especially the feeling of loneliness.

The children looked at different pictures of people and labelled them with how they thought they were feeling. The children worked in groups to talk about how the different people were feeling by just looking at their faces or body language. As a class circle, the children shared the feelings they labelled;

Jessica – Annoyed
Seth – Heartbroken
Kealeigh – Sad
Jacinta – Left out

To finish the lesson, they thought about what object they would take with them if they had to go away to stop them from feeling lonely or sad and draw a picture of it.

Rainforest art

Today we learnt about different art that tribes living in the rainforest produce. We learnt that they use the materials of the rainforest to make different sorts of art. They use wood, feathers, body paint and leaves to decorate themselves and their houses. They also make things they can use like baskets and blowpipes.

We learnt they use clay from the ground to make coil pots then we practiced making our own. It was great fun and very messy!

Rainforest music

Our Music lessons this term have been based around our topic of Rainforests. We have been practising several songs for our class assembly where we have learnt how to sing a melody accurately.

We have composed our own pieces of rainforest music using long and short sounds. Throughout the year we have learnt about beat and rhythm and we used these when making our own compositions. We then recorded what we did using symbols and practised playing our pieces of music with different dynamics. This week in Music we listened to a piece of music called Rain. It reminded us of a thunderstorm you might hear in the rainforest. We have been practising our own version just using ourselves to make the sounds but it is top secret until our class assembly!

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Today in Year 2, the children have been talking about bullying and cyberbullying. The children discussed different scenarios of cyberbullying and what they would need to do. They were all very sensible and knew to tell a trusted adult or report to the social network.

The children worked in small groups to complete a Venn diagram to show where different forms of bullying would be placed. They could choose bullying, cyberbullying or in the middle for both. They realised that some forms of bullying can happen in real life and over the Internet.