Monthly Archives: September 2019

New school councillors

This week we held a class election to decide who our school councillors were going to be. Miss Williams explained what the role involved then all the children who wanted the role had to give a short speech about why they would be good at it. We then held a secret ballot like in a real election and the results were very close! Our school councillors for this year are Alexi and George.

Egg helmets

In Science this week we have been learning how exercise keeps us healthy. We bought our bikes in and then talked about how helmets help to keep our heads safe and how important they are. Miss Williams showed us what might happen to our heads if we don’t wear a helmet by holding Mr Egg up high and dropping him. He didn’t end up looking very healthy – in fact he looked egg-stremely sorry for himself!

We decided to make him an egg-helmet to protect him. We designed them based on the materials we had available and then tested our egg helmets to see if they worked. Before we tested them we discussed how to keep it a fair test. We decided that:

• The same person would test them all.
• The egg would be the same size.
• They would all be dropped from the same height.

This made sure it was a fair test. Have a look at our photos to see the results!

Exercise to be healthy

As part of our Science topic, the Toucans brought their bikes and scooters to school. We discussed the importance of exercise to be healthy and what body parts we were using when riding our bikes, scooters or skipping.

We also talked about the importance of wearing helmets when riding our bikes and scooters for safety and protecting our heads. This was an interesting conversation as some children felt that if they could ride a bike they didn’t need to wear a helmet. We discussed this further and the reason why you need to wear a helmet even when you can ride a bike.

Food groups

Today we learnt more about food groups and how to eat a healthy meal. We learnt about what each food group gives us and why it is good for our bodies. We used the school lunch menu to make a healthy meal and then started to collage our meal onto a plate. We are going to try to have healthier meals over the next few weeks using what we have learnt about the food groups.


During RE this week we have been discussing communities and in or to which communities we belong. The main community that we felt we belonged to the most was our families. Here we feel safe, loved and cared for. Other Communities we decide we belonged to included sports clubs, school, places of worship and local communities where we live.

Keeping healthy

We have been learning about keeping ourselves healthy. Today we discussed what a snack is and things we have for a snack. We drew a picture of our favourite snack food. Then we used our pictures to make a pictogram.

The most popular type of snack was fruit with twelve children choosing this as their favourite snack food. The least popular snack was milk and MacDonald’s chips, with one child choosing each of these. Children also choose biscuits crisps and chocolate as snack foods.

Next we talked about their choices and whether they were healthy or not. We sorted the pictures into two groups, healthy and unhealthy.

Behaviours for learning

This week we are focusing on improving our understanding of the behaviours for learning. We have discussed each one and shared examples of what it might look like when we are using them.

We then did some short activities to put them into action. First we practiced concentrating on colouring a title for our class display while Miss Williams tried to distract us! It was very tricky because she was talking to us, tapping us, asking us things and even trying to get us to join in with her. Some of us were very good at ignoring distractions but some of us definitely need more practice!

We also did a classroom quiz to practice being independent. We had to look around the room to find the answers to some questions. All the things we found will help us with our learning this year.

Finally we shared our ideas about pride. We decided we could be proud if we had done a good piece of work, if our books are neat and if we have concentrated and done our best. We made ourselves a proud cloud. Every half term we will get our books out and choose the piece of work we have been the most proud of. Keep a look out if you come into our classroom – we hope we can also make you proud!

Welcome Toucans!

Toucans have had a wonderful first day. We have spent some time getting to know our teachers, our classroom and even each other. Our first topic is all about being healthy so we shared some things we already knew so we are ready to learn more. We also created a portrait of ourselves, focusing on drawing accurately. Our teachers were very impressed with how quickly we have settled in. Here is our very first photo as a Toucan!