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Florence Nightingale

In our History lessons we have learnt all about Florence Nightingale. Today we did a quiz to finish the topic and found that we really have learnt a lot!

Today we learnt about Black History Month. We learnt that October celebrates all black people in History who have done wonderful things. We started learning about Mary Seacole by listening to the story of her life and drawing portraits.

This is what we have learnt so far:

George – She wanted to go to the Crimean War with Florence Nightingale.
Maya – She stood up for herself when people said she couldn’t help.
William – When they didn’t let her on the boat she bought her own ticket to travel to the Crimea and help.
Eason – Mary Seacole helped in the Crimean War.
Daisy B – She built her own hospital and called it the British Hotel.
Liam – She wanted to help so much that she just wouldn’t give up.
Her father was Scottish and her mother was Jamaican.

Learning about instructions

This week in our English lessons we have been learning about instructions. Today we followed a set of instructions for how to play the game ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ We had great fun! We then compared instructions to a recount and learnt that they are always in present tense. We are hoping to write our own instructions soon so keep checking our blog!


Today in our PHSE lesson we discussed the word ‘Pollution’ and what that meant. We found out that ‘Pollution’ is our environment and the world getting dirty and full of germs and nasty smells. This in turn can make us sick.

There are many contributing factors to air, water and land pollution. Things like plastic litter, exhaust fumes, trees being cut down and not replaced and various types of fires.

Then we discussed how saving energy would be helpful to the planet and help reduce some of the pollution.
These are some of the things we decided we could do at school to help save energy.

• Turn lights off when no one is in the room.
• Turn down the heat on radiators.
• Turn off taps, don’t leave them running.
• Turn off computers, ipads and tablets when they are not in use.
• Walk to school instead of come by car or bus.

Discussing our value word – Tolerance

Today in circle time we thought about the value word of tolerance. We played the game The Sun Shines On… to start to think about likes and dislikes. We then worked with a partner to think of something we both liked and disliked – it was very tricky to agree because some of us are have our own strong opinions! We decided it is absolutely fine to be different but we must respect each other’s opinions and show tolerance to those people we disagree with.

Consent online

Today we had an online safety lesson about the importance of having people’s consent to send photos on the internet. We read a story about Digi-Duck who was sent a photo of Proud Pig which was a bit silly. He nearly sent it to all his friends but then he had to go to bed. When he was asleep, Wise Owl came and showed him what might happen if he sent it. This is what we thought:

We then thought about this question: How can you be a good friend on the internet?
Anaiyah – Don’t send pictures to anyone without asking first.
William – Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings by sending things they wouldn’t like. They will be upset.
Krista – Only send nice messages.

We learnt you should be as kind on the internet as you are in real life.


Today we learnt about how germs are spread. We learnt new facts about germs and then learnt about what happens when we sneeze. We carried out our own experiments to see how far we could sneeze… we obviously didn’t really sneeze on each other! We used spray bottles to replicate what happens when you sneeze if you don’t catch it. We then learnt a song all about the importance of washing your hands properly.