Monthly Archives: November 2019

Life processes

Today in science we continued to learn about categorising into ‘alive’, ‘not alive now’ and ‘never been alive’. We learnt about what it is that makes things alive. We talked about life processes and thought about how they can be different for plants and animals. We then used this knowledge to sort some pictures together. Finally we tried on our own.

Learning all about the world

This week we have been enjoying learning all about the world in our Geography lessons. We have spent time learning about globes, maps and atlases. We enjoyed exploring the new atlases for ourselves. We used the index to find different countries and label them on maps.

We are learning about the continents and oceans of the world too. Maybe you can test us!

Division: Sharing counters

This week in Maths we are learning about division. We have practiced sharing counters to divide and then moving to the pictorial version of this by drawing circles to share sticks into in our books.

We are now moving on to recognising the link between division and multiplication. We can’t wait to show our parents what we have learnt next week!

Doing kind acts

Yesterday we read the book Have you filled a bucket today? It was all about how to do kind acts for each other to fill their bucket with happy thoughts. Today in check-out we shared how we had filled other people’s buckets by being kind in some way.

Alexie – I filled Daisy’s bucket by playing with her at lunchtime.
Eason – I filled my Mum’s bucket by saying thank you for my tea.
Dora – I filled Maarya’s bucket by saying her dress is beautiful.
Scarlett – I filled my Daddy’s bucket by telling him I loved him last night.
Liam – I filled Jason’s bucket when I hugged him and told him I would miss being his partner.
Amelie – I filled Millie’s bucket by saying nice words to her at lunchtime.

Searching safely online

Today we learnt how to search safely on the internet using Swiggle. We searched for healthy recipes for our healthy snack cafe. It was tricky exploring the internet as there were so many links! We had to be selective about what we looked at. We have nearly finalised our plans so check back soon for further details.

Where our food comes from

Today we started our first Geography topic. We are going to be learning all about where in the world our food comes from. We had a look at a globe, map and atlas and discussed what we already knew about the world. We then had an opportunity to explore the atlases for ourselves. They were wonderful! We are really looking forward to learning more.

Anti-Bullying Week Check In

In check-in today for anti-bullying week we thought about the question – Is change possible? We tried to think of ways we can make school better for everyone.

Here were our ideas:

Eason – We could hug more.
Amelie – If someone is on their own we could offer to play with them.
William – Cheer people up if they are sad.
Frishta – Be kind to everyone.
Rawan – Smile at each other.
Maarya – If you see someone and they are feeling sad you could give them a hug.
Zi Yan – Help someone if they need it.
Sammy – If someone doesn’t want to play your game, you could play their game instead.
Liam – Don’t be bossy! Be kind.

Great ideas Toucans!

Anti-Bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week. As part of our work we thought about what makes a bully.

We decided a bully might:
Imogen – push you over.
Alexie – if someone says you can’t join in with them.
Liam – if someone kicks you for no reason.
Daisy C – if they hurt you in some way.

We also learnt they might:
►Deliberately pick on people.
►Behave in a threatening way.
►Do unkind things: Several Times On Purpose.

We talked about the reasons why people might be bullies and how important we speak up if we are being bullied or see someone we think is being bullied. We shared ideas on who we would tell and what we would do in different scenarios.

We did our circle time around what we already do in school to keep people safe:
Rawan – teachers keep us safe.
Andrew – teachers teach children how to be kind.
Naz – outside you can tell the teacher and they will help you sort your problem out.
Max – we make sure children who say unkind words are ignored. We can just walk away.
Sammy – you can ask a teacher to help you find someone to play with.
Imogen – we look after and protect each other.

Very sensible ideas Toucans!

Developing our growth mindset

This week we have been completing challenges to help us to develop our growth mindset. We have learnt that scientists have discovered having a positive attitude and a growth mindset means you will achieve more than if you have a fixed mindset. Having a growth mindset means:

• You try again if you don’t succeed the first time.
• You try different things.
• You ask for help, advice or ideas.
• You learn from your mistakes.
• You talk positively to yourself remembering of power of YET! I can’t do this… YET!
• You work your brain hard because it is a muscle and learning challenging things makes it stronger.

We have completed challenges including painting with our feet, making something that can fly and building a marble run. We had to work hard to remind ourselves of all the above when doing the challenges as it is easy to fall back into ‘This is too hard!’ We tried really hard and are getting better.