Monthly Archives: February 2020

Safer Internet Week – Digital trails

For Safer Internet Week, Year 2 learnt all about digital trails. We shared what we use the internet for. We learnt that every time we use the internet it leaves a footprint showing where we have been. We did an activity where we investigated someone’s digital footprint. We were surprised at how much information we could learn about someone from their digital trail. We reminded ourselves how important it was to stay safe online by not giving out personal details.

Primary colours

Today in Art we learnt how to use primary colours to make secondary colours. We learnt that red and blue make purple, yellow and blue make green and red and yellow make orange. We then practiced adding white and black to colours to see what happened. Finally, Miss Williams challenged us to find out which colours would mix to make peach, cream and brown. We thought it was great fun!

Toucans Read to Swans

This afternoon was the moment we have waited for all week! We took the stories we have written and illustrated to read to Swans class. Some of us were very excited to read to our brothers, sisters and friends and some of us made new friends. It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying our stories.

Our teachers were extremely impressed with how well Swans sat and listened and how clearly Toucans explained their stories. Well done everyone!

Non chronological reports

We had another exciting letter from Professor Pole today! He congratulated and thanked us for writing such good letters. He was also very pleased we had helped him to make new umbrella. However, he has another problem and has asked for our help again.

He has to write a non chronological report sharing his research. As we have learnt about them before we decided would be just the people to help him! First we sorted different texts to remind ourselves of what a report needed to look like.

We are going to draw together all our learning and write him a report he knows what it looks like.

Discussing our value word – Caring

In Circle Time we discussed our new value word – caring. We shared some ideas of what we thought caring meant.

Alexie – Talking to people who are on the blue bench and being kind to them.
William – Caring means sharing and being nice to each other.
Daisy C – Showing kindness.
Zi Yan – You help someone up if they fall down and make sure they are okay.
Dora – Caring means being friendly to others.
Max – Showing respect to someone.
Maya – Looking after someone.
Maarya – Caring means putting someone else’s needs before your own.

Wow! Very caring Toucans. Next week we will focus more on how we can show someone we care.

Solving missing number sentences

This week in maths we are learning how to find the difference. We are practicing different strategies to help us solve missing number sentences. We explored different ways with our partner. We learnt that it was easier to count on from the smaller number to the larger number when the numbers were close together. If the numbers were far apart it was easier to subtract the smaller number from the larger number. We will be using this knowledge later in the week to help us to solve missing number calculations.