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5 a day!

Good morning,

Each Monday morning I will be putting up 5 sets of 5 a day – one set for each school day. Children you will have to teach your parents how to do them ? Don’t forget to show your working out – you could draw dienes, sharing circles or blank number lines just like we would in school. Parents the children just need a piece of blank paper to do these activities – let them explain and teach you.

24 + 13 =
of 20 =
7 x 5 =
70 – 20 =
30 ÷ 5 =

of 20 =
34p + 17p =
£1 – 50p =
90 ÷ 10 =
7 x 3 =

18 ÷ 2 =
32cm + 41cm =
of 9 = <<<<< New learning! Use a blank number line.
2 x 10 =
55 – 31 =

9 x 5 =
70 ÷ 10 =
42g + 42g =
62g – 15g = <<<<< New learning! Remember to share between 3 circles.
of 15 =

7 x 2 =
29cm + 41cm =
30 ÷ 3 =
71kg – 12kg =
of 24

Please comment to let me know how you get on 🙂

Miss Williams


Hello Toucans,
It’s Miss Williams here and I am missing you all terribly! It is very strange to be in school without you. I hope you are all well and are keeping those brains exercising. I will be putting your list of weekly spellings on here every Friday. Please practice them over the week and ask your parents to test you each Friday as I would. You could write a comment on here to let me know your score and how you are. I would love that! Our spelling patterns over the next three weeks are words ending with an ‘l’ sound with the patterns le, el and al.

Don’t forget you can also access your level reading books through Bug Club if you have finished the ones you took home last week. I get a report to see who has been doing that so if it is possible for you, please do! I will move you up to the next level if I think you are ready.

For now stay safe (indoors or in gardens) and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon.

Love Miss Williams ?



In RE today – the Toucans learnt about the word generosity and what it means and how we show it. They listened to the story of the Golden Statue. The story was about the generosity of a poor servant girl who gave her only coin to a Buddhist monk in order to make a statue of the Buddha. Toucans discussed how they can be generous and how difficult it would be to give up a treasured possession for the good of others. We then put our talents to use making lotus flowers which are a symbol of purity. Stay tuned to see pictures of our efforts.

Eid celebration

‘What is Eid?’ is the question we started with. There was a short discussion about what the children thought. Most knew it was a Muslim Religious Celebration. We learned that Eid was a celebration that marked the end of Ramadan which is a time of fasting. To explain it better we watched a video about a young boy who explained how it was celebrated in his home.

Eid means Feast or festival in Arabic.

Some of the children talked about how they celebrated Eid in their homes. They dressed up, decorated the house and had special food. The children recognised that this was similar to how they celebrated different holidays through the year.

The children wanted to know if Ramadan meant they couldn’t eat anything at all if they were fasting. We discussed that Ramadan meant fasting between sun up and sun down. Children and elderly relatives weren’t expected to fast either. Muslim families are up early before the sunrises to eat a big breakfast. Then they don’t eat again until the sun has set.

The Good Samaritan

To begin with we watched a power point story called ‘The Good Samaritan’. The children were horrified to see a poor man treated so badly by others. We discussed the children’s feelings about how the man was treated.
Then we brainstormed what we thought a Good Samaritan would or should do.

This is what the children said.

Importance of money

The saying goes that money makes the world go around! As a class we discussed what the importance of money was to us. At first the children suggested it was needed to buy toys, cars, TV’s, game consoles and other luxuries.

Then we discussed if we needed some of these things or if they were a want. It was agreed that money to buy food, to pay bills, to keep us warm and put a roof over our heads was a need. Things like sweets, TV’s, toys, games etc were a want and not essential. We discussed where money comes from. Some of the answers were mums purse, the bank and the cash machine. This led to a discussion on how the money gets into the bank, cash machine and mums purse. The bank doesn’t just give money out to anyone that wants it! We have to put our own money into the bank for safe keeping and take out what we need when we need it.

This then led to a discussion about things costing money and if we haven’t got the money to buy it we can’t have it which led us back to wants and needs.

Fair trade

During our PHSE lesson we discussed what was meant by a fair trade.

We began the lesson talking about what fair meant. To begin with the children felt that fair was everybody having the same and sharing things equally.

We discussed the equality in pay for workers. The children all agreed that everybody doing the same job should get paid the same.

We talked about the farmers in the poorer countries needing to be paid fairly for their goods. The children felt it was very unfair for the rich to get richer and not pay the poor what they should be paid.

The children agreed we should use our local shops more to help them stay in business and look for the fair trade logo when buying things like bananas, coffee, chocolate, tea and peanut butter.

A good story

This term we have been enjoying stories by Anthony Browne. Today we started to read ‘Willy’s Stories’ which we loved! The book is about how Willy goes through some magical doors and enters well-known stories such as Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. Each time he leaves us with a question to think about.

We used one of his stories to help us to think about what makes a good story. This week we are going to put this to good use as we write our own story in this style.

Typing our non-chronological reports

This week we are combining our English and Computing skills to type up our non-chronological reports. We are learning how to use Publisher to type our reports to send to Professor Pole. We are learning keyboard skills including where to find the enter key and punctuation keys. We are also learning how to change the size and font of text.

Later in the week we will learn how to add pictures to our reports and then we will send them off!