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Home Learning 27/04/2020

Good morning Toucans,

Monday morning certainly comes around quickly! It has been lovely to hear from some of you this week. George has sent me a wonderful piece of writing and Max is working hard on his Maths. I’m sure a lot of you have been enjoying the lovely weather we have had recently. I hope you are all managing to stay safe and well.

I am setting this week’s English and Maths in the same way as last weeks. I really would like to read the writing you produce on Thursday so please Mums and Dads, send it to me at if at all possible.

Download here: English Summer Term Week 2
Download here: Maths Summer Term Week 2

A note for parents now: I know some of you are finding the Maths a bit tricky and I do agree. Although it is the scheme we use in school the children would be highly supported through paired work, guided teacher practice and resources. If you are finding it too difficult please just try to keep up with the 5 a day questions as these are important for keeping mental skills ticking over. You could then use one of the websites on our recommended list for independent work or even just make some questions up for them to answer. Real-life Maths is also invaluable. If you are baking they should be able to read the scales and work out the array shown on a cake tin (e.g each row has 4 holes and each column has 3 holes so altogether we will bake 12 cakes because 4 x 3 = 12. You could also make up point-scoring ball games where they have to add their own scores up. You could count how many trees/lamposts/gates you see on your daily walk. You can get them to count the socks in twos (while pairing them up for you…if only, I hear you cry!) Our main message is that you do what you can while keeping yourselves well. We will be re-united at some point and things will go back to normal. Until then please don’t stress just do what you can ?

Please remember I am at the end of an email if I can help in any way. Take care of each other.

Miss Williams

Spelling test

Just a quick reminder that you should be doing your spelling test today. I heard from Daisy C this week who has been working hard on the activities she has been set. Well done Daisy! I have also seen George and William have been accessing Bug Club – well done boys! It really is important that you read every day Toucans. You can let me know how you are getting on by contacting or you can comment on the blog. I would also like you to send your piece of writing (the alien one this week) to this email if at all possible. I would love to hear from you ?

Miss Williams

Welcome back!

Welcome back Toucans!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday and that you and your families are safe and well. It was certainly the strangest holiday I think I can remember. My house is shining like a new pin and I have had to shop for essential suncream – neither of these have I ever done during Easter before! I would love to hear what you have been up to as I am missing you terribly.

I have put your work for this week onto the two documents below. The Maths is mostly online but the English is in a booklet which you could print or just use from the screen and complete on paper. I would also like you to build in some time to read from Bug Club every day and use Spellodrome or Purple Mash too. There are some lovely Art ideas on to keep you busy also! Don’t forget to stay active as well. You could do PE with Joe Wicks, Cosmic Kids Yoga or just enjoy a daily walk or bike ride.

I think of you often and really hope you are all doing well. These are strange times but it is helpful to find a moment to think of what we are grateful for. You could do this with your family each day as we would for check-in or Circle Time. Please stay safe and keep learning.

Take care,

Miss Williams

This week’s activities – download here.
English Activities
Maths Activities

Easter Homework

Good Morning Toucans from Miss Williams,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well in your homes and gardens.

I just wanted to set your next lot of spellings and explain what will happen about work after the Easter holidays. As you know I gave you plenty of work to keep you going when you left school which is why I haven’t put anything extra on here yet.

From Monday April 20th you will find 5 a day will continue to be set every Monday and 10 spellings every Friday. I will also put 5 suggested Maths activities and 5 suggested English activities on each Monday to last you for the week. If you still have work you have not completed then please do these instead if you want to. The activities that I ask you to do will be based on things we have already learnt to give you more practice.

Please remember you should be reading daily. If you have run out of books at home please remember you can access levelled texts on Bug Club. I am about to move everyone a level up so you will have more choice about texts you can read so please do look if you can. If you are unable to do this read anything you can from books you or your family own to the back of cereal packets!

These are your next set of spellings. As it is Easter you will have extra time to learn them, just as you would if we were in school. Last week you learnt the l sound at the end of a word spelt with le. This week your words have the l sound spelt with al. You should already know metal and usual as we have done these in class already. Remember to practice writing them out in sentences as this is very important. Keep up the good work with your handwriting – remember it needs to be joined and your ascenders and desenders should be clear.

Words to test on Friday 24th April:

Remember to find out the meaning of any words you don’t know. You can’t write a sentence if you don’t know what a word means! Don’t forget to ask your parents to test you on last weeks words and let me know your score if you can.

Just a quick note for parents now. Please remember your child should be able to access the activities they are being set. If you feel like they can’t or either of you are struggling to understand what to do please do get in touch with me. I can be contacted on and really do not mind helping wherever possible. I am happy to explain activities or give more personalised advice so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Most of all I just wanted to say that I hope this finds you well and remember these are exceptional times. If you don’t do the activities that have been set, if your children refuse or you are struggling it is absolutely fine. As a school, we are preparing for curriculum coverage when the children return and as a country everyone is in the same situation. As long as you are all safe and well, we can pick everything else up when we get back. We would just ask that you do your very best to keep them doing a bit each day.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and I will be back on Monday 20th April with your next set of English activities, Maths activities and 5 a day.

Take care of each other.