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Home Learning 1/6/2020

Welcome back Toucans!

I hope you all had a wonderful half term and managed to relax a little. I have been enjoying reading and getting out for a nice daily walk. I have discovered so many new places by where I live! I hope you have also managed to get out for some exercise – I know lots of you have been enjoying bike rides as well as walks.

Here is your home learning for this week:
Lesson 1 – The 10 times-table
Lesson 1 Answers – The 10 times-table
Lesson 2 – Make equal groups – sharing
Lesson 2 Answers – Make equal groups – sharing
Lesson 3 – Make equal groups – grouping
Lesson 3 Answers – Make equal groups – grouping
Lesson 4 – Odd and even numbers
Lesson 4 Answers – Odd and even numbers
Maths Summer Term Week 6
English Summer Term Week 6

Please remember to ask your parents to take pictures and email what they can so I can see how you are getting on. I will put the best examples on the blog for Excellent Work on Friday. The book exchange will continue to be open on Monday and Thursday 12-2 so please do come and get some new books if it is possible. If it isn’t possible for you then please make sure you are using Bug Club. Daisy C, William and George are enjoying books from Bug Club regularly – well done!

Take care,

Miss Williams

Excellent Workers

Well done to this week’s Excellent Workers:

William’s Book Review

Image 1 of 10

All those children deserve a massive well done so here it is… WELL DONE! Also, well done to Maya who bought her book review to me at the Book Exchange. It has been lovely to see some of you there this week.

Next week is half term so have a wonderful holiday and look out for your next week of work which will be posted on Monday 1st June. Enjoy your free time but remember to keep washing your hands!

Stay safe Toucans,

Miss Williams

Home Learning 18/5/2020

Good morning Toucans,

I have been very pleased to receive lots of work from you this week – keep up the good work! If you want to see your work published in our Friday online Excellent Work then please continue sending in your best attempts.

Here is this weeks English and Maths:
English Summer Term Week 5
Maths Summer Term Week 5
They’re there their
Homophones to, two, too
Lesson 1 Monday
Lesson 2 Tuesday
Lesson 3 Wednesday
Lesson 4 Thursday
Monday Answers
Tuesday Answers
Wednesday Answers
Thursday Answers

Have a lovely week and stay safe. Remember I will be at the book exchange on Monday and Thursday 12-2 if you want to come along.

Love Miss Williams

Update from Miss Williams

Good morning Toucans,

It has been lovely to chat with most of you on the phone this week. If you haven’t received a phone call yet it is because I wasn’t able to get through so please email your up-to-date contact numbers and I will be in touch.

I am pleased you have all been trying your best with your work and I have received emails from many of you with some super work. Each week now, I will put work on the blog which deserves a well done. It will be our home equivalent of Excellent Work Assembly! Here are our first group of children who have been working super hard at home:

Jason's Writing

Image 1 of 8

Well done to those children and to everyone else who sent me things they have been working on. Please remember to send your writing tasks and anything else you have been proud of. Daisy C sent me a wonderful picture of some baking – yummy! I wonder who will be in Excellent Work next week?

Home Learning 11/5/2020

Good morning Toucans,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and trying your best with your school work. I know it is very difficult to get your brain focused at the moment as things are so strange for us all but it really is very important that you try and do a bit each day. I am pleased I have seen some of your work, remember you can send it in at any point when you have done it. Don’t worry about sending old activities – I would still love to see them! Also, I have tried to make the tasks accessible for all but you can access Y1’s blog if you feel that work would be more suitable for your child.

Here is this week’s English and Maths:
Maths Summer Term Week 4
English Summer Term Week 4
Lesson 1 Monday
Lesson 1 Answers
Lesson 2 Tuesday
Lesson 2 Answers
Lesson 3 Wednesday
Lesson 3 Answers
Lesson 3 Answers[1]
Lesson 4 Thursday
Lesson 4 Answers

Take care all. I am looking forward to speaking to you on the phone at some point this week and hopefully seeing some of you coming to the book exchange.

Love Miss Williams

Update from Miss Williams

Hello Toucans,

I hope you all got on well with your spelling test today. I just wanted to say a big well done to the children I have heard from over this week. These children have been using Bug Club to practice their reading so well done to George, Maya, Jason, Amelie, Maarya, William, Harvey and Millie. If you are not able to access these books remember the book exchange opens on Monday and I will be running it. I would love to see some of you coming along to return your old books and borrow new ones. We have a good selection of library books which you will be able to choose too so if you prefer that, and live close enough to make it part of your daily walk, then I would love to see you.

I would also like to say a big well done to the children who have sent me their work this week. I haveheard from Maya, Jason, Maarya, George and Evelyne. I am hoping some more of you might be able to send in your postcards – I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.

I will be making phone calls on Monday to speak to you and your parents (if you are well and able) and can’t wait to find out how you all are.

Take care Toucans

Love Miss Williams

Home Learning 4/5/2020

Good morning Toucans,

I hope you are well and have had a lovely weekend. Here is your Maths and English for this week.

Download here: Maths Summer Term Week 3
Download here: English Summer Term Week 3

Remember to do as much as you can and try your very best. We know our brains are muscles and they must have exercise! I am very much looking forward to reading the writing task I have set you for this Thursday. Please remember all the contact details that are available:

Hello from Miss Williams

Good Morning Toucans,

Just a quick reminder that your parents should be testing you today on the all words that you have been learning since last Friday. Once you have done today’s English you then practice these soft c spellings until next Friday.

I hope you have been keeping up with all your lessons. So far this week I have received writing or work from Daisy C, George, William, Maya, Max and Millie. Daisy also did some fantastic cooking and William made a real exploding volcano! Millie has also been busy learning her times tables which is going to be so important for next year. Well done Millie!

I have been keeping a close eye on Bug Club and am very pleased to see that Millie, Max, Anaiyah, Amelie, Jason, Maya, George and William have been reading lots of their allocated books. Well done everyone! I was also pleased that Max has started reading a book that I know Liam and Jason have enjoyed. Remember you could post on the Reading for Pleasure Blog if you want to recommend a good book to your friends.

Enjoy your weekend and look out for next week’s work on Monday morning.

Take care,

Miss Williams