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Home Learning 29/6/2020

Good morning Toucans,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Here is your Maths and English for this week:

English Summer Term Week 10
Maths Summer Term Week 10
Lesson 1 – Measure mass in grams
Lesson 1 Answers – Measure mass in grams
Lesson 2 – Measure mass in kilograms
Lesson 2 Answers – Measure mass in kilograms
Lesson 3 – Compare volume
Lesson 3 Answers – Compare volume
Lesson 4 – Milliltres
Lesson 4 Answers – Milliltres

Please try hard to continue doing your work. There isn’t long now until the end of this year so please keep going. I am VERY excited about seeing you again in the last week of term! I am looking forward to seeing those of you who are coming very much indeed.

Miss Williams

Excellent Workers

Good afternoon Toucans,

Here is our excellent work:

George’s Comprehension

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Well done to all those children who continue to complete their work and send it to me. Well done also to Millie, Maarya, Daisy C and George for reading their Bug Club books. I am very proud of all the children who made it onto the Excellent Work blog.

Keep up the hard work ?

Home Learning 22/6/2020

Good morning Toucans,

Here is this week’s English and Maths:

Maths Summer Term Week 9
English Summer Term Week 9
Lesson 1 – Measure length (cm)
Lesson 1 Answers – Measure length (cm)
Lesson 2 – Compare lengths
Lesson 2 Answers – Compare lengths
Lesson 3 – Four operations with lengths
Lesson 3 Answers – Four operations with lengths
Lesson 4 – Compare mass
Lesson 4 Answers – Compare mass

I know lots of you are reading at home. It would be lovely if some of you could post on the Reading for Pleasure blog so I can see what you are reading. It is also a nice way to recommend books to your friends while you can’t see them. Just go onto the Reading for Pleasure blog and write a few sentences about the book you are reading and send us a picture if you can.

Have a good week ?

Excellent Workers

Good afternoon Toucans,

I just want to say a special thank you to those children and parents who are still sending me work. I know it is very difficult to concentrate and work hard in these strange times but it will really benefit you in the future. Here is this week’s Excellent Work:

William’s Maths

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Well done to all those children. It has been particularly nice to see the photos of children doing exciting things at home. Daisy C had a wonderful bouncy castle to celebrate her birthday and William used a den making kit to help him with his learning about 3D shapes. I also LOVED reading your recipes… my shopping list this week is going to be very long!

This week’s Top Three Bug Club readers are Millie, Maarya and Daisy C so VERY well done to you! George and William came close so well done too. I really would like to see more children practicing their reading either by using Bug Club or by coming to the book exchange which is still running every Monday and Thursday 12-2.

Miss Proctor will be calling you before the end of term to introduce herself to the children. She is currently extremely busy in school but will definitely be in touch before the end of the term.

That’s all for now! Have a lovely weekend and I hope you will be checking back on Monday for your work.

Take care all ?

Home Learning 15/6/2020

Good Morning Toucans,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are keeping safe and well.

Please find your work for this week here:
Maths Summer Term Week 8
English Summer Term Week 8
Lesson 1 – Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes
Lesson 1 Answers – Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes
Lesson 2 – Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes
Lesson 2 Answers – Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes
Lesson 3 – Sort 2D and 3D shapes
Lesson 3 Answers – Sort 2D and 3D shapes
Lesson 4 – Merge 2D and 3D shapes
Lesson 4 Answers – Make patterns with 2D and 3D shapes

Remember the Book Exchange is on today and Thursday 12-2. I would love to see some of you there!

Take care ?

Excellent Workers

It’s that time of the week again – time for Excellent Work! I am very impressed with the children who have sent me their work this week – we have lots more in Excellent Work which is lovely! Thank you to all the parents who have emailed it over too.

Here is the selection I have chosen:

George’s Maths

Image 1 of 10

George, Maya and Daisy C are the top three Bug Club readers this week. Well done! It has also been lovely to see Alexie, William and Jason reading from Bug Club so well done to you too.

Please keep working and sending it to me. I understand it takes time but it is much appreciated. You can just send the weekly writing task if you want to. Don’t forget I am still running the Book Exchange on Mondays and Thursdays 12-2 so you can come along and chat about your work or just let me know what you have been up to!

Have a lovely weekend ?

Home Learning 8/6/2020

Good morning Toucans,

I hope you are all safe and well and had a good weekend. Miss Procter will be calling you at some point this week to introduce herself as your new teacher, see how you are and have a chat with you. If you need to speak to me for any reason please just let her know and I can give you a call too. Remember you can always email me too.

Here is this week’s English and Maths work:
Maths Summer Term Week 7
English Summer Term Week 7
Lesson 1 Unit fractions
Lesson 2 Non-unit fractions
Lesson 3 Find a half
Lesson 4 Find a quarter

I am looking forward to receiving many more pieces of work this week for Friday’s Excellent Work blog.

Take care all ?

Excellent Workers

Maya’s Description

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Where have all my Toucans gone?! I have been looking forward to Excellent Work this week but have only received work from George, Maya, Daisy C, William and Alexie! I decided on the most excellent ones they sent me and you can find them here:

Well done to those children. It really is so pleasing to receive your work every week showing me that you are still learning and trying very hard.

These are the top 3 Bug Club children this week: George, Maya and Firas. Well done to those children for continuing to work hard on their reading. I have also seen children at the book swap.

Toucans please remember it is school time now for another 6 weeks. Sadly you cannot be in school but your school work must be done. No-one knows what the rest of this year or next year looks like yet but at some point you will be back in school and you need to hold on to all that important learning until then. We know our brain is a muscle and must be used or it will waste away! I look forward to having a much harder decision about who goes into Excellent Work next Friday.

Stay safe ?