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Healthy Eating

Toucans have been learning that there are different types of food groups and that they should be eating certain amounts of these food types in their meals. The class all made a balanced meal. Can you remember the different food groups? How much of your meal should be made up of fruit or vegetables. How often should we eat sweets and crisps?

Unplugged algorithms!

Toucans have been busy looking at instructions today and linked this back to their knowledge gained in English recently. Mrs Parry chose two volunteer “robots” and gave them instructions using words such as forwards, backwards, left, right, turn to move them around the classroom. It was a bit tricky! We talked about how introductions are used in computing. Declan explained these are called algorithms.

The children used pictorial direction cards to give, record and follow instructions, similar to when we write algorithms in Computing.

Why do we need instructions?

Programming using Lego Fix the Factory

During Computing in the last couple of days, Year 2 Toucans further enhanced their knowledge on algorithms and debugging. The children used an app called Fix the Factory (a free download from the App store).

Mr Baddhan asked the children to work through the levels using their problem solving skills to move the robot from a start position to the end – the controls available include ‘move forward’, ‘turn right’, ‘turn left’, ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’.

Alot of perseverance and debugging was required to fix their mistakes in the code.

How is technology used within the community?

Toucans have started their computing lessons today. The children talked about what the internet can be used for and why it is useful. Mrs Parry asked the class what they use the internet for.

Mrs Parry displayed the school website and showed the children how to read other classes’ blogs. Some children wanted to find out what their siblings were learning about. The children learnt that people can communicate via the blog and leave comments about the blogs that are posted. They realised that anyone can access the blogs, not just parents. Mrs Parry pointed out how she had asked questions on the class blog to encourage people to reply. Toucans found out they could read what other people post in the comments too.

Finally, Toucans considered online safety and thought about what information they should NOT include on a post, now knowing anyone can read what they have posted. You should not give out personal information such as:

Declan – Your address and door number.
Shriya – Telephone numbers and passwords
Elias – Full name and age

Being healthy activities

Since returning to school, Toucans have been learning all about being healthy and have completed lots of activities to find out more about what they can do to help themselves. They discussed how there are many different ways you can exercise to maintain health.

What do YOU do to get exercise?

After thinking of some exercises, Toucans went on to the playground to see what happened to their bodies when they exercised. They noticed they breathed faster, their hearts beat quicker and they began to feel hot and sweaty!

Toucans discussed what they liked to eat for a snack and chose their favourite. Here are our results. Are we snacking healthily?! What is your favourite snack? Can you name some healthy snacks?

Toucans carried out an experiment to see how far they could “sneeze!” Don’t panic! We used a spray bottle to use for the sneeze. Do you know how far the germs from a sneeze can travel? Remember to “Catch it, bin it, kill it” and always wash your hands! we watched a film of a man sneezing in slow motion. It was disgusting!

Enjoy Reading In Class!

Toucans are really enjoying their ERIC time. We love to share a book with our friend and like to hear an adult read to us. Mrs Parry has shared her treasure chest of favourite childhood books with the class and has been reading some of these special books with the class. The children have also loved being able to sit outside in the sun and read together too! What is your favourite story? What books did you enjoy over the summer and during lockdown?

Egg Helmets!

Toucans have conducted a science experiment to create a helmet for an egg. We pretended the egg was the head of a human and we had to work in partners to design a helmet, considering what was the most suitable material to use. We made sure it wa a fair test and kept the height of the test drop the same and the person dropping it too. It was very entertaining too! We found out that cardboard and cotton wool worked the best. Sadly, the crepe paper and foil did not work very well! Why do humans need to wear cycle helmets when riding their bike? Why is it important?

Behaviours for Learning

Toucans have used all their behaviours for learning since being back in school with lots of activities. They have played listening games and memory activities requiring great perseverance and concentration. They have made self portraits and designed their own frames for them. They took pride in their work to make it the best it could be! Toucans have also been working very hard to produce neat handwriting. Can you remember all our behaviours for learning?


Toucans have been writing instructions about how to wash your hands and brush your teeth. They have been learning about all the features needed to make a good set of instructions. Can you remember what they are? What type of verbs do you need when you write instructions? Where do you need to use a semi colon? The class were able to follow a set of instructions to make a Toucan mask.

Being Healthy

Today, Toucans discussed that besides eating sensibly and exercising, being happy is also part of being healthy. Everyone shared ideas about what makes them happy. Then each class member made a zig zag book which they could use for ideas about how to make themselves feel happy.

I’m happy when…