Monthly Archives: October 2020

Reviewing books!

In ERIC this week, some children have chosen to write book reviews, recommending good reads to other children.

Shriya – We are learning about Florence in class too! I like the part where the soldiers get better.
Karly – I like the Snow Queen. I have this book at home too.
Maya – I like the Twelve Dogs of Christmas. It is a happy story.
Daniel – I like The Lazy Ladybird is really funny!

Fabulous Florence!

Toucans have been really interested in our History study about Florence Nightingale. The children have placed events of Florence’s life in order on a timeline. Do you know what year she was born in? What year did she die?

The children have spent a lot of time finding out how hospitals were in Victorian times compared to now and also discovered what improvements she introduced. Toucans noticed how Florence looked very different to nurses we see nowadays and made some interesting comparisons. This knowledge enabled the class to write a letter to the Victorian government in role, as Florence. They were able to explain the living conditions and convey what equipment was needed.


Toucans watched a short film all about pollution today and created a poster about it afterwards. They discovered ways in which land, sea and air pollution happens.

James explained how when rubbish is burned and factories emit smoke it goes into the air. Shriya and Daniel said this was bad for our environment.

More Branching Databases

In Computing, Year 2 Toucans continued with sorting data today and some children completed their branching databases.

The children selected their own category today and sorted their items into groups by asking questions based on the group of pictures e.g “Does it have a tail?”, “Does it fly?”, “Does it eat fish?” etc.

Here are some completed branching databases.

Tatenda’s Branching Database

Ayra’s Branching Database

Jospeh’s Branching Database

Sorting information – Carroll diagram & Branching database

In the last couple of Computing lessons with Mr Baddhan, Toucans have been learning about sorting information into groups.

Earlier this week, Mr Baddhan showed the children how shapes can be sorted using a Carroll diagram by asking questions which we fit the criteria. For example sorting a shape dependent on whether it has straight lines, more than three sides etc.

Today the children used a program called J2E Branch to sort animals into groups based on the question.

Toucans sorted their items into groups by asking questions based on the group of pictures e.g “Does it have a tail?”, “Does it fly?”, “Does it eat fish?” etc.

Black History Month – Florence Nightingale

Toucans have learnt about a very famous person called Florence Nightingale. She was born 200 years ago and was a nurse. She realised lots of germs were in hospitals and began to start cleaning them. She helped lots of injured soldiers in the Crimean War. When she returned she realised she had become very famous and opened a hospital called St Thomas’. She received lots of awards for her work. Toucans learnt some new vocabulary and found out the meaning. We have heard a lot about germs and infection recently. The children made links and realised why the new hospitals recently built have been named Nightingale – They have all been named after her! What facts can you remember about Florence Nightingale?

Questioning a text

This week Toucans have been learning how to question a text to improve their understanding. When we are reading we need to always be thinking and wondering what will happen. The class all had the cover of a book to look at and compose questions about what they would like to find out. Can you think of a question for the cover……….I wonder………?