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This week Toucans are learning about icebergs as part of their topic about the Polar regions. Charlie showed the class his fantastic homemade iceberg during Monday’s live lesson. Alex Sneddon enjoyed this lesson as he is very interested in the Titanic. Do you know what happened to the Titanic? If you don’t, ask Alex because he is an expert! Joseph also loved this lesson and sent some photos in to share.

Well done Toucans!

Joseph’s work

Joseph’s work

Joseph’s work

Letters to Professor Pole!

Today, Toucans are busy writing their replies back to Professor Pole. At the start of their topic, he sent them all a video message asking them to help him answer some questions he had. Toucans have been gathering lots of information about the Arctic (North Pole) and Antarctica over the last few weeks and are all becoming experts!

Do you know the answer to our questions?
What animals live in the North Pole?
What is the land and climate like in the North Pole?
How do people and animals survive in the North Pole?

Karly’s letter to Professor Pole

Ayra’s letter to Professor Pole