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Video: Alex safely re-enacted where the Great Fire of London took place

With the permission and help of his parents, Alex safely re-enacted where the Great Fire of London took place – at Farriner’s Bakery on Pudding Lane, in London. As you might see, it only took two and a half minutes to completely burn away. Fire spreads very quickly. Think back to when you made your fire safety posters – can you remember any rules and advice?

Do not try this at home unless an adult has agreed to help you with it all!

Tudor Houses

Toucans have been set the challenge of making Tudor Houses today, after learning how properties used to be built during the period of the Great Fire of London. The houses had second storeys that were wider than the lower floor which meant they were close together. They were built with timber and some had straw roofs. This all contributed to how quickly the fire spread. Shriya has made a brilliant model – well done!

Alex R’s model below.

Isla’s Tudor House model below.

Ryan’s Tudor House model below.

Alex S’s Tudor House model below.

Behaviours for Learning

Over the last two weeks, Toucans have been refocusing on the behaviours for learning.

Following a detailed conversation about the meaning of these and why there are important, the children completed some activities to test these skills!

Listening – We played a “guess the sound” game, instructional drawings, Simon says, what can you hear in 30 seconds and ping pong reading.

Concentration – Kim’s memory game, colour by number maths questions, Pairs memory game and Spot the Difference challenges.

Perseverance – Follow written instructions to make a pirate hat, Would You Rather choices game, and the Name 5 things that are ….. game.

Pride – Handwriting competition (class voted), evaluating their own best piece of work and explaining why, Circle time – What makes me feel proud?

Perseverance – Physical stamina challenges outdoors, write with the opposite hand, beat last week’s score of Kim’s Game and draw a still life picture using observational skills.

Working with others – Team drawing activity, Team word game and make a bridge from paper challenge.

Out and About

Toucans spent a lesson outside to engage and explore the natural environment outdoors. They spent some quiet time, being mindful and listened to the natural sounds. We identified the noise of a Great Tit, using the RSPB website, once we got back inside the classroom. The children created pictures using natural materials and made streamers which were very effective on such a windy day! We enjoyed stories linked to the outdoor theme and heard a range of poems by Shirley Hughes. Toucans composed their own version of her poem “Out and About.”

What a Wonderful World!

Toucans have been enjoying our class book, thinking about different geographical and environmental features that the world has in it. Toucans watched a heartwarming video narrated by David Attenborough with the words to this famous song by Louis Armstrong. There was a true sense of awe and wonder as the children watched the clip.

Lexi like the penguins most and Elias like the monkey walking along best! We all liked different parts of the film!

Here is the song being sung by Louis Armstrong:

Using the We Are Here book the children learnt new facts.

Isla/Anren learnt that the Earth rotates around the sun.
Tatenda learnt rivers flow into the sea.
Karly found out about mountains.
Jacob learnt about sharks living in the sea.

Afterwards, the class got to work, rewriting their own verse for the song!


On Friday, Toucans learnt about how God said in Genesis how humans were to rule over the animals which translates to caring for them. We talked about caring for our pets and thought about what they need and what we do to look after them.


Toucans talked about who we appreciate and why, particularly in recent times. They each made a personalised Mother’s Day card for their Mum. A special extra thank you to all our Mums, for being teachers during the lockdown periods and bubble closures, over the last year!

Video: Here We Are

Toucans have been introduced to the book “Here We Are” this week. They shared facts about what happens on planet Earth and also about the entire Solar System. Using Google Earth, the class zoomed right in to find exactly where we are on the planet. The children enjoyed looking at Mrs Parry’s interactive toy model of the Solar System to check they had got their facts right! Afterwards, they all studied an aerial map of Bells Farm school and identified different areas of the school including our classroom. Each child completed a mind map, considering four aspects of family, friends, home and school. The children used their information to independently produce a leaflet, for an alien, all about “Planet Earth.” Please look at our working wall photos and short film clips!