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Art – Henri Rousseau

This week, Toucans have been looking at lots of paintings by Henri Rousseau.  He created paintings of the rainforest although he had never visited there.   Toucans used different sized paintbrushes to paint a background and some animals. They only had primary colours and black and white and had to mix their own colours. 

Karly – Henri used his imagination but he drew a lion and a horse which are not found in the rain forest. 
Ryan – People said his work was childish. 
Elias – His animals looked like they were floating.  He came from France. 
To create a picture in the style of Henri Rousseau, Toucans created texture by adding tissue paper and made their animals appear to be peeping out from behind the greenery.  Well done Toucans. 

Behaviours for Learning

Miss Williams’ group have really been focusing on applying the behaviours for learning. They have been trying so hard in all their lessons!

Toucans have been working really well together. We have been trying hard to ensure we listen to our partner and focus on what they are saying:

We have been taking real pride in our work. We are trying so hard to join our writing:

We have also been showing excellent concentrations skills:

These children have worked particularly hard to persevere with their reading. They are making great progress! 

Behaviours for learning are really helping us to improve!

What is perfection?

Toucans discussed what it means to be perfect.

Anren – It is if you get everything right.
Corban – It’s when you’re really good at everything.
Shriya – It’s when you do your best.
Oliver – Some people are perfect drivers
Reva – You can draw a picture that is perfect.

The class went on to talk about what is the perfect behaviour?

Isla – When you do what the teacher says
Bethany – When you are good for your teacher
Declan – You should persevere
Tatenda – Being independent and doing your own work
Anren – Good listening
Ryan – When you concentrate
Alex – Taking pride to make your work perfect
Corban – You should be quiet and not talk

Mrs Parry pointed out they had used some of our behaviours for learning. She asked the class if perfect behaviour was always to be silent and gave an example of a football match. Toucans said that this wouldn’t be perfect as the fans are expected to sing, clap and even waves flags to support the players (Declan, Joseph and Alex R). The class were asked what about perfect behaviour in church for a carol concert – is being silent being perfect? Elias explained you are not silent when you are praying. James said sometimes you sing too.

The children heard the story of Zaccheus who was a mean tax collector. He overcharged people and kept the extra money to become rich. No one liked him but Jesus asked if he could share a meal with him, in his home. Zaccheus changed his ways and refunded people four times the amount he’d overcharged. Mrs Parry asked the children what they would ask Zaccheus if they could speak to him today.

Isla/Bethany – Why were you mean? Why did you steal?
Alex R – Why did you need so much money?
Elias – What was life like when you were alive?
James – Are you a good or bad person?
Lexi – Why did you let Jesus come to your house?
Tatenda – Did you have maids and butlers?

Finally, Mrs Parry asked the children what things in our lives today might Jesus not like even if he was our friend:

Elias – Telling lies
Shriya – Chopping all the rainforests down
Lexi – Stealing
Ryan – Fighting, hitting and pushing
Reva – Litter being dropped
Elias – Pollution
James – Playing violent computer games
Shriya – Swearing and conflict

Video: The Kapok Tree

This week, Toucans have been reading a new book in English. It has beautiful pictures and is linked to their topic – The Rainforest. The Kapok Trees are one of the tallest trees in the rainforest and grow up the “emergent layer.” The class were entertained by the animal voices Mrs Parry used when she read the story to the class. She used a growling voice for the jaguar and a hissing voice for the snake. The funniest voices were the lazy sloth (very slow!) and the chattering monkey! The class looked at the text together and noted the exclamation sentences. They talked about using expression and appropriate intonation to entertain the reader and an audience. Toucans also considered the speed and volume of their voices needed to perform the story to an audience. After practising, the class braved the slight drizzle outside to record the story. They stood near the woodland walk to make the poem more authentic. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear the real rain! We hope you enjoy our class version.

Discussing our value word

Toucans discussed the meaning and their understanding of this month’s value word. They decided it was when you were thoughtful about someone else and did an act of kindness or said something to support them. Sometimes being caring can mean you help someone at home to show you are thinking about them and are caring by doing a job, so they don’t have to. This shows you appreciate what they do for you. Toucans noticed a few of our other school value words were used too!

Jacob – I clear the dinner table or tidy rooms at home.
Charlie – I did the drying up while my sister washed up.
Alex S – I was caring when I helped Mrs Parton put out the ropes at break time.
Bethany – I care at home by helping to tidy the house up.
Maya – I looked after Karly when she fell in the playground.
Tatenda – I was caring with another child when they were scared at the deep end of the swimming pool.
Jack – I was caring when I helped my Dad to cook an omelette.
Anren – I was caring when I helped to put the fruit out ready for the other children in class. I wanted to help her because she does lots of things for everyone in the class.
Karly – I am caring for my Mum as I tell her to relax sometimes as she is very busy with my little sister.
Isla – Mum was busy doing her work at home so I helped my little sister to go to the toilet so Mum wasn’t disturbed.

Changing the shape of an item

Toucans enjoyed a practical investigation today. They thought of ways to change the shape of an item.

Karly – You can squash it.
Olivia – Bend or fold it
Joseph – Stretch it
Declan – Twist it.

The class then experimented to see if they could change the shape of some items by using one of these methods. They tested a plastic bottle, pipe cleaner, a sock, a drinking straw, some play dough, a towel, a sponge and an elastic band.

Then we compared and discussed our results and findings together.


Toucans considered what it is like when it is really quiet. They sat in silence in the classroom for a minute and then sat outside for five minutes (which proved a challenge for some!). They became very focused on listening to other noises around them, such as birds, leaves rustling, the wind, others breathing and the traffic (also Mr Gill who was busy cutting the grass!). Mrs Parry asked the class how the silence made them feel:

Alex H – Calm
Karly – Relaxed
Anren – Excited
Bethany – Peaceful
Ayra – Nice
Ryan – Wonderful
Tatenda – Cool (in the context of temperature ….. it was quite windy!)

Back in class, the children played “Guess the Sounds Game.

Then the class discussed what it is like to be quiet in a place of worship. Shriya said this is a time when people can pray and talk to God. Maya said people have to be quiet in a mosque. Bethany said it is peaceful in a church when it is quiet. Jacob said only one person speaks and the rest have their eyes closed, praying, in the Kingdom Hall.

Finally, Toucans considered when it is important to be quiet:

Tatenda – When someone is sleeping
Jacob – If parents are talking on the phone
Ryan – If someone is watching the TV
Alex S – On Remembrance Sunday there is 2 minutes silence to remember those who lost their lives in the war.
Shriya – People were silent to respect the Duke of Edinburgh at his funeral.
Bethany – Children need to be quiet to concentrate in lessons
Jack – We had to be quiet on our online class / Zoom meetings
Sam – You have to keep quiet in the cinema
Mrs Parton – People need to be quiet in the library
Shriya – I had to be quiet when my mum was recording a video for work at her hospital.

Being quiet is needed for good communication, respect, thinking time, understanding, time out and inner peace. In a place of worship people are quiet to contemplate, reflect and talk to God.