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The Dangers of Smoking and Alcohol

Recently, Toucans have been learning about what can happen to people if they drink alcohol or smoke a lot.  They made a. Mind map about what they had found out.  

Corban – You have to be 18 years old to drink or smoke.

Karly – Smoking can make your lungs black. 

Ryan – I wouldn’t want to smoke because your teeth and nails turn yellow.

Shriya – I wouldn’t want to smoke as it damages your liver and digestive system. 

Sam – The danger is lots of smoking might cause cancer

Sunflower Success

Toucans are having a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower.  In Science, the class learnt what a seed needs to be able to germinate.  The class created a list:
Sun (for warmth and light)
Last week, after everyone had planted 2 seeds each, a class experiment was set up using three seeds under the following conditions as only one criteria can be changed to make it a fair test:
Seed 1 – Has water and light but no soil.
Seed 2 – Has water and soil but no light.
Seed 3 – Has soil and light but no water. 
The children predicted what they thought would happen with each seed.  Most children predicted none of them would grow. 
This week it was time to update our Sunflower diaries to see if the seeds had grown and if so, by how much.  We have been practising hard to measure with our rulers this week in Maths! Everyone was very excited.  Apart from 2, everyone had a little seedling.  It was then time to check the 3 for the experiment….. What a surprise?! For the seed without light, everyone had predicted it would not grow.  It turned out that this was the tallest plant so far, measuring 8cms! The class were amazed but noticed it was not a healthy green colour like the plants that has been growing with light.  It will be interesting to see how this plant progresses over the next few weeks so watch this space! 

Beauty in the world

Toucans watched some film clips of the world’s natural beauty.  They talked about how different people think different things are beautiful.  The Bible includes psalms which were written to praise and thank God for the beauty of the earth.  Mrs Parry played them a hymn called “All Things Bright And Beautiful” and the class listened to the lyrics.   The class then drew a selection of items they thought were beautiful. 

Using Compasses

Toucans learnt all about directions using a compass to find North.  The children soon got to work in pairs, making a set of instructions for each other to follow. They used the compasses really well to plot their routes.  
Sam – From the school the farmhouse is South.  
Oliver – From the playground the school field is West.  
Alex S – Wyndham Covert is East from the playground. 
Isla – When we sit in class we are facing to the North. 

Different Families

Toucans talked about who they live at home with today in PSHE.  They talked about what a family is made up of.  Families can be made up of mums and dads, step parents and siblings, half brothers and sisters, two mums, two dads, grandparents and carers.  Toucans felt that although each family is different they all love one another. 

Creating Cushions!

Toucans have been extremely busy designing a cushion suitable for a younger child/sibling to use in the book corner, if they were reading.  The class carried out market research and looked at a variety of cushions.  They compared material, shape, decoration, colour, fastenings and stitching.  Each child designed and planned their own cushion. Next the class practised running stitch, which took a lot of perseverance and concentration. Threading a needle is very tricky! 
Toucans got busy stitching to make their beautiful cushions. After the children had made their cushions they really enjoyed decorating them with sequins, buttons and felt shapes/pictures.  Afterwards, Toucans evaluated their cushions and thought about what they were most please about (what went well) and what would they change if they made a cushion again (next time, it would better if……).  Have a look at our spectacular cushions! Which one is your favourite and why?