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Arts/Music Week

Firebird by Igor Stravinski


Toucans used BBC Ten Pieces website, to watch an orchestra perform a piece of music called Firebird, composed by Igor Stravinski.  Mrs Parry explained there are different sections within an orchestra, such as woodwind, brass and strings and then helped the children to name the instruments.  The children learnt this piece of music actually told a story and is based on a Russian folk tale about a magical glowing bird that Prince Ivan is searching for.  The firebird is imprisoned in a castle with a beautiful princess.  Ivan rescues the bird and the princess but then his own sister poisons them.  The firebird flies to the fountain of youth and with magic water, brings Prince Ivan and his princess back to life. 


Alex Hill – The music makes me feel relaxed  

Declan – I like that the music told a story

Shriya – I like the dynamics (loud/quiet parts)

Jacob – It makes me feel like sleeping

Sam – It makes me feel calm

Ayra – I like the pitch (high/low parts) 

Listen to the piece and see if you like it! 


The class focused on one instrument called the flute.  Mrs Parry showed them a flute in its case, as it comes in three parts, and demonstrated how to put it together.  The children learnt the names of the features of a flute and labelled a diagram.  Mrs Parry explained how air is blown across the embrochure (air hole).  She challenged the class to see if they could try this technique with a bottle at home, after demonstrating how with a glass bottle. 


The children also looked at photos of flutes and made pencil sketches of them.  The children watched a shadow puppet play of the story with the music in the background to help them understand how the music tells the story.  They noticed the dynamics in particular!  Finally, Mrs Parry read them a chapter book with the story in.   There were some beautiful pictures in the book and Toucans are looking forward to producing some Firebird themed art next! 



Composing and Improvising


Toucans have been busy learning a new song called Friendship.   They listened and appraised songs with a similar theme called “Count On Me” by Bruno mars and “We Go Together” from Grease, the musical.   Besides revising notes previously learnt in Year 1 and the Autumn term, Toucans have learnt the A and B note.  This week, Toucans have been composing their own pattern of notes and improvising to the same piece of music.  They created symbols for the notes to record their notation.  



Playing Glockenspiels 

Toucans revised the notes they had previously been taught and learnt new notes A and B today.   The children played notes with the background music to our friendship song.  Small groups of children played together as an ensemble and there were two brave soloist performers, Karly and  Jack.


Measuring volume and capacity

Toucans enjoyed the practical element of their maths lesson this morning! Each child measured an amount of water and read scales, calculating what intervals increased by.  There was lots of discussion about millimetres and metres.  The children also solved some tricky problem solving and reasoning questions too.