Monthly Archives: December 2021

Reindeer Run

Today was our Reindeer Run… it was a very windy and cold day but we successfully managed to complete our mammoth 6 minute run! We did this run to raise money for St Mary’s Hospice. The children have been working so hard, raising as much as possible, for such a wonderful and caring charity. Everyone loved wearing their reindeer ears and were lucky enough to take them home with them! 
We are looking forward to see what our grand total is before the end of term.
Well done Year 2, we are super proud of you all for your hard work running and fundraising.

The True meaning of Christmas

As we are on the build up to Christmas we have been exploring the British Traditions of Christmas.
We had a class discussion about what the true meaning of Christmas is. Does it belong in the shops or does it belong in spending time with family? We spoke about which things we would like for Christmas that cost money. The children came up with lots of different ideas such as toys, cars and DVDs. We also discussed how we can give things for Christmas that don’t cost money. We came up with spending time with family and friends and how some of us might go to church to celebrate.

Life Cycles

This term in Science we have been looking at growth in animals. So far we have learnt about the life cycle of a chicken and a human, and this week we learnt about the life cycle of a frog.
The children were very excited when the play dough came out! We went through as a class what the life cycle of a frog was. We spoke about how a frog begins it’s life as eggs which is known as frogspawn, then the eggs turn into a tadpole and eventually into a tadpole with legs and then it grows into a young frog before growing into an adult frog.
A fun fact we learnt was that a frog lives for up to 10-12 years, but not many tadpoles survive to become a frog.
The children all had a go at making the life cycle of a frog with each table having a different stage of the cycle. Next week we are looking at the life cycle of a butterfly.

Composing Music

Over the last few weeks Toucans have been composing their own music using the notes C, D, G and E. We have been using symbols to represent our notes. We together chose a star, square, circle and a triangle. We’ve only had a short time to practise, but next week we are putting all of our learning together from our composing lessons and presenting our group performances.

Making Pizza

Friday was a very busy day in Toucan class as we finally reached the point in our learning in DT this term where it was time to make our final product. Our first DT project in Year 2 was cooking. We have learnt a lot about different types of food over the last term, especially healthy foods. Therefore we decided to make healthy pizzas for our cooking in DT.  

Pizza? Healthy? You may be wondering why! Well after lots of discussions as a whole class about what we would like to make and what our favourite foods were, we all came down to the decision that pizza was up there with one of the most popular dishes with Year 2!  

As we wanted to keep within our topic of healthy foods, we discussed what smart swaps we could make to make our pizzas that little bit healthier, we chatted through several ideas before we reached our final decision. In the end we decided to use mini wraps for our pizza as they were a lot smaller and perfect for our tiny tummies!  

We began with the most important and hygienic thing of all, which was washing our hands, before handling any food.  

We all began with one wrap each. We squeezed 1 tablespoon of tomato puree onto our wrap and spread it evenly to make our tomato base.  

We then moved onto what toppings we would like on our pizza. The three vegetable options were peppers, mushrooms and sweetcorn.  

We had to prepare our vegetables before putting them onto our pizza, so we had a quick reminder of how to cut vegetables safely before we began and chopped small chunks of pepper and added them to our pizza. Another skill we were practising was our peeling skills. Thinking of something to peel was tricky for a pizza topping, but Miss Williams’ suggestion of mushrooms was the perfect idea. We took the stalk of the mushroom out and then we were able to peel the skin off the mushroom before chopping it and adding it to our pizza. 

Then it came to the fun part; adding the pepperoni and the cheese. All the children had 5 slices of pepperoni each to add. We then had to use scales to accurately measure and weigh our cheese. The children carefully grated their cheese onto the chopping board and then added it to the bowl on the scales and weighed 40g each before sprinkling it over their pizza.  

Finally, it was cooking time. Our pizza’s only took around 10 minutes in the oven and came out looking and smelling delicious! 

A very busy but successful day all round for us and was a brilliant way to end our week. I hope everyone enjoyed the making process and more importantly eating your pizzas!