Monthly Archives: February 2022

ERIC’s Challenge

This week Year two were introduced to our 2022 Eric challenge! Toucans were given their new reading passport to complete. They have plenty of time to complete it and were told there was absolutely no rush.

During Eric on Friday the children were challenged to complete one task from their passport which was to read a non-fiction book that they didn’t know anything about. Year Two then needed to write a review about what they had read, learnt and why other children need to read their book! We all learnt lots of facts about different things – it was a great challenge! More to come – watch this space… 


Last week in Computing we had a look at 2Investigate. We discussed how 2Investigate is a database and a database is used to hold lots of structured information. A few examples of data bases that we talked about was where all our assessment scores are kept as well as SIMS – where we take our register every morning and afternoon. Databases can tell us lots of different things and are very useful in lots of different types of jobs. We also had a look at how data from databases can be presented – we are focusing on bar charts.

In our most recent lesson, we all had a go at logging onto Purple Mash to use 2investigate. Miss Hookes gave us a step-by-step guide to follow to make sure we were all in the right starting place! We were then introduced to the collaborative function – where we could see what everyone was doing to our class database! 

We all had a go at creating ourselves on the class database and putting in the correct information in each field, hair colour, age, name and eye colour. Next week we are going to finish making ourselves on our class database and then use the bar chart function to find out as a whole class the answers to the following questions:

  • How many girls are in our class?
  • How many boys are in our class?
  • How many people have blue eyes?
  • What is the most popular hair colour?

Then once we have done this, the week after we will have a go at putting this data into our very own bar chart!