Monthly Archives: October 2022

Black History Month

As part of our History lessons, we have been learning all about Mary Seacole. We have listened to her story of how she, like Florence Nightingale, travelled so far to the Crimea to help many soldiers. Mary Seacole, unlike Florence, had to use her own money and was not allowed to open a hospital. She was both clever and smart as she opened the hospital by calling it a hotel. Her hospital was set up very close to where the fighting was. 
Freya – She was so brave because she was so close the war. She was amazing because she was not allowed to be a nurse and she did listen to others because she wanted to help soldiers.
Joshua – She was brave because she went close to the war. She opened a hotel / a hospital using her money. She was born Kingstone, Jamaica a long time ago. She used herbs for medicine.
Jonah – She helped lots of soldiers that were injured in the Crimean War in a hotel; that was a hospital. She was clever and smart because she was not allowed a hospital so she opened a hotel. She went back to England. She was poor and had poor mental health. She wrote her own book about her life. 
All Toucans found her life story interesting and all agreed how brave she was. They also decided it was unfair to be judged by the colour of your skin and that she should have been treated the same as Florance and allowed to be a nurse and to travel to the Crimea.

Hands, Feet, Heart

In music, we have been listening to South African music. The song we have been focusing on is “Hands, Feet, Heart”. We have loved learning the lyrics to the song and we can sing the song at the correct pitch throughout.
We have also been learning how to play the songs on the glockenspiel using the notes G, A and C. We all had lots of confidence and enjoyed doing a solo performance in front of the class.

Still Life

In Art, we have been learning all about Paul Cezanne and his still life artwork. Over the past few weeks, we have learnt lots of different skills such as, printing, adding tints and shades and drawing lines of different thicknesses.

All of this preparation helped us when we started our final piece this week! We all had a fruit bowl in the middle of our tables and we had to draw the fruits with the correct detail.

Staying Safe

In PSHE, we have been looking at the importance of internet safety and speaking to the appropriate people if we see something which worries us online. We listened to the “Funny Tummy” song. We loved learning all of the words and the lyrics helped us learn more about online safety! After, we listed all of the grown-ups we think can help us.


Toucans are looking at instructional texts and all the skills that are needed to write their own. This week they have been comparing different sets of instructions aiming to find which one would be best to follow.
They read a book called How To Wash A Wooly Mammoth, which they found fun but also informative. 
Year 2 did an amazing job at spotting great instructions and followed them to make their very own Toucan mask! With a lot of perseverance and a little help, the Toucans made their amazing masks.  They went on to follow the instructions on how to play “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?”. All children had great fun, while following these instructions.