Monthly Archives: December 2022

Our Pizzas

This term we have been learning about healthy food and have designed and made our own vegetable pizzas. We learned some very valuable skills including food hygiene, cutting skills and weighing using kitchen scales.

Here are some pictures of our finished pizzas – they were delicious!

Life Cycles

This week we are learning about the life cycle of a frog, from frog – frogspawn – tabpole- froglet back to a frog.
The children were very excited when they were given playdough! We went through as a class what the life cycle of a frog looked like. We spoke about how a frog begins it’s life as an egg which is known as frogspawn, then the eggs turn into a tadpole and eventually into a froglet (a tadpole with legs) and then it grows into a young frog before growing into an adult frog.

A fun fact we learned was that a frog lives for up to 10-12 years, but not many tadpoles survive to become a frog.

Learning all about the world

We have been enjoying learning all about the world in our Geography lessons. We have spent time learning how to use an atlas.
We have also learned all about where in the world our food comes from. We had a look at a globe, map and atlas and discussed what we already knew about the world. We then had an opportunity to explore the atlases for ourselves. They were wonderful! We are really looking forward to learning more.

We are learning about the continents and oceans of the world too. Maybe you can test us!


Every day Toucans practise their handwriting in their handwriting lesson.

We are now learning to join our writing, focusing on certain joins each week. We are trying very hard in our lessons! Our teachers remind us to focus on beautiful handwriting all of the time: in English, maths, topic and in our homework books too!
Please try to encourage your child to take pride in their handwriting and do their very best each and every time they write.