Monthly Archives: January 2023

Role-Playing Conversations

In English this week we have been reading books about a little polar bear called Lars. Lars is a mischievous little bear who always goes on a journey and ends up having adventures! Today we role played a conversation he might have had with his friend Hugo the hare. We had some excellent ideas for what they might have said to each other. Some of us were even brave enough to perform for the rest of the class.

Well done Toucans!

An Exciting Discovery

We started the spring term by making a very exciting discovery in our classroom – an explorer’s tent! We discovered the tent belonged to Professor Pole who is an explorer working in the Arctic Circle. He is currently in Svalbard but has been all over looking at how polar bears survive.

He asked us to help him to find out more about the polar regions of the world. Our new topic for this term is now about Polar Regions and we couldn’t be more excited! We looked through the bag he left us to look after and found many important items an explorer would need. We are going to look after his tent and bag until he can return for them. We can’t wait to use them in our role play area!

Exploring Belonging

Year 2 have been looking at Belonging in PSHE.
They listened to the story of Beegu; an alien who is left behind on Earth. He is all alone and looking for his parents. He does find some warm, cuddly puppies, but a man throws Beegu out. He then finds some kind, helpful children, who love to play with Beegu and include him in their games. Unfortunately, the teacher thinks otherwise….
The children discussed Beegu’s feelings through the story and wrote a letter to the “small ones” as if they were Beegu, thanking them for their kindness.
A lovely way to look at feelings and ways to treat each other in different situations. Well done Year 2, good discussions.