Monthly Archives: March 2023

Making Fire Engines

Our DT project this half term has been working towards making our own fire engines. On Friday we had an amazing morning of DT where we worked super hard to make them. We focused on applying the skills we had learnt and tried to be independent problem solvers… it wasn’t always easy!

We learnt many new skills including how to saw wood safely. It really wasn’t as easy as it looked! We measured our dowel then added 2cm so we had room to attach our wheels. We turned our box inside out so we could paint it. We had to figure out how to make all the extras from the materials we had available. We really had some impressive ideas!

Well done Toucans!

Great Fire of London Game

Year 2 had a look at this blog today. It is a great way to look at the topic and remember the key facts of the topic!

If the game below does not load up correctly. Click here to open it in a new window.