Monthly Archives: June 2023


In year 2 we have been looking at the topic of ‘Plants’ and what they need to grow healthily, from a seed to a plant. We have planted some sunflowers and have been observing how they are growing. We have learnt that we need to water them regularly.

Online Safety – Rules at home and at school

Today, Year 2 discussed rules to help keep us happy, healthy and safe whilst using technology at school and at home.

Part of the lesson included reading about a little boy called Charlie. When we heard about Charlie, we were a little bit worried about him. There were some things we felt that Charlie wasn’t doing correctly, and we thought we could all help him. As we were reading, we decided to draw a sad face on our whiteboard every time we heard something that Charlie has done that we thought was not right.

Well done! We did very well! Now… don’t forget to log on to Wonde at home to review your learning!