Monthly Archives: July 2023

Trip to Twycross Zoo

On Friday 7th July Toucans enjoyed a trip to Twycross Zoo. We really had our walking shoes on as we got to see most of the animals!

When we first arrived we went to visit the meerkats and Amur leopard. We then saw the penguins and flamingos. Miss Williams challenged us to stand on one leg as flamingos do – we were actually very good at it! Next we went to see the zebras, rhinos and giraffes. We were amazed at home tall the giraffes were in real life! We also learnt a few things – contrary to previous Toucan beliefs, rhinos are herbivores not carnivores!

Next it was time for lunch and an exploration of the playground:

In the afternoon we saw the lorikeets and one landed on Mrs Parton’s hand! We then went through the gibbon forest on the way to find the Gruffalo. We had a wonderful journey through the story and then made our way to the classroom for our lesson. The teacher was very impressed with how much we knew! On our way back to the coach some of us went to see the Giant Tortoise – you can see from our faces what we thought of it!

What a wonderful day we had!

Here we are demonstrating our best animal noises!