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Friday Music!

To end the day Mr Lo said we should sing with passion and really move to the music. Lots of us certainly did!

Healthy Eating!

In Science we have been learning about Healthy Eating and Nutrition.

We have learnt about protein, carbohydrates, calcium and vitamins 

Extension: Watch the video at home to learn even MORE!!!!! Don’t forget to write in your reading record that you have watched it!

Protecting our private parts

In PHSE (Personal Health Social & Economics) lesson we talked about protecting our private parts and who our trusted adults are.

We enjoyed the song Pantosaurus

We then sang, “head, shoulders knees and toes” and discussed the importance of respecting each other and remember that our body parts belong to ourselves.


We then learnt about our private areas and the correct terminology for our body parts.


Parents can click here to find out more about the NSPCC- PANTS


In English we have been talking about “super sentences”. They start with a capital letter and end with a “.” or “?” or “!”.

We then talked about how adjectives are describing words. To get creative we looked at each other and thought of a sentence to describe each other.

We look forward to improving our writing by using super sentences with adjectives.

Florence Nightingale Timeline

Today we made a classroom timeline about Florence Nightingale. We discussed

1820 – Florence Nightingale was born to a wealthy family and she had a very good education. We also discussed how she was born in Florence, Italy!

1851 – Florence Nightingale went to train to be a nurse at a German hospital.

1854 – Florence and her nurses travel to the Crimean War in Turkey. They were shocked by the dirty and crowded hospital. At first the doctors did not want Florence to help. As more and more patients arrived Florence and her nurses were allowed to help. The nurses cared for patients as well as clean the hospital.

1856 – When Florence came home, she continued to work to make hospitals better for patients.

1859 – Florence opened the Nightingale Training School for Nurses in London.

1883 – Florence was awarded the Royal Red Cross.

1910 – Florence Nightingale passed away.


Why not read more about Florence Nightingale with your adults at home? Click here for more information. 

Want to know more about her clothing? Click here to find out more! 

Don’t forget you can leave a comment or write in your reading record! Reading online the blogs counts as your daily reading!

It’s pink to think!

In English we have been learning about the editing toolkit and the importance of checking our own work.  Mr Lo turned us all into OLIVER. We had to be Oliver and mark Oliver’s work. Well done Toucans. You worked hard in spotting the errors and then correcting them with our purple pen!

We learn from our mistakes and that’s why we sometimes make them!

Understanding the use of ICT

In computing we discussed what is I.T (information technology) We looked at examples of hardware we had in the classroom. (example interactive whiteboard, Personal Computing (PC), Laptop and projector. We then discussed how we use them) Finally we had a go on the laptops to ensure we all knew how to log into Wonde to use Phonics Shed and Spelling shed.

Look I’ve made a wonde link below. Click on it and don’t forget to go on phonics shed as much as possible. Mr Lo suggests  10 minutes for three times a week.

Enjoying a story

Mr Lo would like us all to be responsible both in school and at home! We need to look after our belongings and help around at home!

Enjoy the story read by Mr Lo.

Don’t forget in Toucans we are expected to read for at least 10 minutes a day at home. We can update our reading diaries (also known as reading records) by ourselves or we can ask our adults for help. Remember we can include all reading including reading subtitles on TV, reading a leaflet through the post, reading what’s on our cereal boxes and reading books of our faith.

Florence Nightingale

This half term we have been studying Florence Nightingale.

We have been learning all about her early life and her career. Today, we have been looking at photos of Florence and comparing her to modern day nurses. We noticed that nurses have changed drastically over the years, and we think Florence Nightingale would love to work in a newer hospital.

We were able to draw portraits of Florence so that we could really look at how nurses would dress during the Crimean War.

Whilst we were drawing, we also asked each other retrieval questions to check our partner could remember facts about Florence Nightingale.


A lovely new start to the year with our new Toucans! I’m looking forward to an amazing journey this year and learning lots of new things with you!

On Thursday we enjoyed circle time sharing what we have enjoyed over the summer. We also had an active P.E lesson in the hall!

On Friday we had a look at our number bonds to 10.

Toucans have taken home with them a folder with some of last years work and also a booklet with the Year 1 spellings. Don’t forget to review those at home when you have time!