Monthly Archives: December 2023


This week we have been looking at Biographies. We look forward to writing a biography about Florence Nightingale later. Today we wanted to improve our confidence in speaking. We worked in groups and role-played interviewing Florence Nightingale. Lots of us did really well although we all got a bit camera shy when Mr Lo started filming!

Why are there two pacific oceans?

Today we looked at a map and curiously asked, “Why are there two Pacific ocean’s” We also looked at how maps can have a Key to understand the data on a map.

Lots of us found this confusing. To understand that there is only one Pacific Ocean we looked at a globe and accepted that the Earth is round and not flat like the map. We looked at how there is actually one Pacific Ocean.

Mr Lo also showed us how maps around the world can be different. A Chinese world map shows China in the middle and North and South America to the right hand side. This shows clearly there is one Pacific Ocean. We also looked at an Australian World Map.

We also explored Google Earth Click here to explore it at home