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Where money comes from

Today Toucans had an exciting lesson delivered by Sandra from HSBC.

Her lesson helped us to make the connection between having a job and earning money. We looked at the jobs we might do and introduced the role of a bank account in getting paid and how to access money from your account.

What jobs do we want to do in the future?

Finally we thought about our dream job and the importance of earning money.

Extension: Have a go at filling in the gaps at home!


We have been learning about microhabitats.

A microhabitat is a small, localised habitat within a larger ecosystem. Examples of microhabitats include a patch of grass in a park, a tree stump in a forest, or a rock pool at the beach. The specific plants and animals that can be found in a microhabitat will depend on its location and environmental conditions. Here are some examples of plants and animals that might be found in a few different microhabitats:

A patch of grass in a park:
Plants: dandelions, clover, plantain, crabgrass, daisy, buttercup
Animals: ants, beetles, worms, snails, spiders, ladybugs
A tree stump in a forest:
Plants: moss, lichen, ferns, mushrooms, saplings
Animals: beetles, ants, termites, snails, slugs, spiders
A rock pool at the beach:
Plants: seaweed, kelp, algae, eelgrass
Animals: crabs, mussels, barnacles, snails, starfish, anemones

Today as identifying and classifying scientists, we went on our own minibeast hunt.

Great Fire of London Workshop

Set in 1666 with the plague and the great fire…..fleas, no toilets, thousands of wooden buildings, rats galore. The children had fun learning about life in 1666.

Toucans were very lucky to be visited by The Freshwater Theatre Company to enjoy an interactive experience all about the Great Fire of London. The children took on roles of the different areas of Pudding Lane, where the fire started, to re-enact what happened through drama. Some were market traders, some worked in the bakery and some were actually the fire (with streamers!). They had great fun and it really brought their topic to life.

Luckily, the children worked well as a team to extinguish the fire so all ended well. The children recapped about their experience afterwards

Extension: Click here to visit the Great Fire of London BBC Website

Making an Umbrella!

Toucans were super scientists investigating suitable material to make an umbrella for Professor Pole (The Professor located in the Arctic, who we wrote to in Geography)

We investigated whether cardboard, plastic, paper towel, and tissue paper were absorbant materials or water proof. Toucans were very observant and decided Plastic was the best.

Mr Lo then put the material to the test and insisted we must pour water over a Leiah’s head to see if she gets wet!!! Luckily she didn’t! Well done Toucans!

Extension: Try this home learning activity at home.

Lost and Found

Have a listen to this read-aloud at home! Don’t forget to put it in your reading record!

In English today we have read our new class reader and sequenced the story. Toucans were very quick to recognise the feeling in the book. We all felt the importance of friendship.