Monthly Archives: March 2024

measuring cutting and fixing

Our DT project this half term has been working towards making our own fire engines.

We learnt many new skills including how to saw wood safely. It really wasn’t as easy as it looked! We measured our dowel then added 2cm so we had room to attach our wheels. Completing this project we managed to improve our skills in working together measuring to the nearest centimeter and folding cutting and strengthening materials

Well done Toucans!

What a wonderful world!

In R.E we have started a new topic (disposition) “Caring for others, Animals and the Environment”

Today we listened to the song, What a wonderful World.

We used the song to discuss what is good about the world.

We then also watched the video “caring” which shows the beauty of animals and the environment.

Finally we made our own drawings of what we think about the world and discussed the importance of people getting along with each other.

Next week we look forward to learning more about different religions and how they care for others.

Digital Media : Photography

In Computing, Toucans have been learning all about digital photography. Last week they learnt how to take creative selfies using the app “mashcam”

This week they had a go taking photos on the iPads. They learnt how to hold an iPad steady and explore the difference between landscape and portrait photography

What does a Vicar do?

Year 2 have been learning all about Christianity and the life of a Vicar.

The children then showed what they understood by being creative on paper.

Extension: Read at home!

A vicar plays a crucial role in the life of a church. They lead services, which are special times when the congregation comes together to worship and learn more about their faith. During these services, the vicar will often read from the Bible, share stories, and offer prayers to help everyone feel connected to their faith.

In addition to leading services, a vicar also takes care of the welfare of the congregation members. They are there to listen and provide support to those who may be going through difficult times. This might involve visiting people who are unwell, offering comfort to those who are grieving, or providing guidance to anyone who needs it.

Furthermore, the vicar organises activities for children. This could include leading Sunday schools, where fun and educational activities are provided to help children learn about the Bible in an engaging way. They might also organise events such as holiday clubs or youth groups, creating a safe and welcoming environment for young members of the church.

Alongside these responsibilities, the vicar also hosts Bible studies. This is an opportunity for people to come together to explore and discuss different aspects of the Bible, deepening their understanding of their faith. It’s a time for asking questions, sharing insights, and learning from one another.

Finally, the vicar talks to visitors who come to the church. They welcome newcomers and offer information about the church and its activities, making them feel included and valued.