Monthly Archives: June 2024

Arts Week – Digital Mark Making

Access All Arts week is a nationwide, week-long celebration of the arts, specially designed for primary schools.

The theme for 2024 is ‘Connection’ to explore how they can connect to themselves, each other and the world around them, through the arts.

In our workshop we watched a video from Mr Doodle discovering how we can connect marks to a place. He discusses what he does as an artist – he doodles! He explains how easy it is to build an entire world just with your pen, the world around you, and your imagination.

We also looked at careers in digital mark making.

We then had ago at making landscapes on paper and digitally on computers.

The workshop was also a wonderful opportunity for us to share our wonderful artwork that we have completed over the year.

Cushions D&T – Textiles

This half term in DT we have been working towards making ourselves a cushion for our ERIC sessions. We enjoyed researching different types of cushions and then designed our own.

Did you know that Kapok fibres (capox) that are used for stuffing are related to our Rainforest theme? Kapok fibre come from the seeds of the kapok tree, which grows in warm places like the rainforest. These trees have big pods that look like giant beans. When the pods open, they release fluffy, soft fibers that are light and silky. People collect these fibers to use them for making pillows, mattresses, and even life jackets because they are very light and float on water. So, kapok fibres are special gifts from the kapok tree!

We all improved skills in

  • using templates to cut out shapes
  • joining textiles using a running stitch
  • decorating textiles by adding buttons and sequins.

RE: Being Imaginative

We have started our new disposition, “Being Imaginative and Exploratory”

We first showed our imagination through Role Play.

We then were use their imagination in their minds only.

People use their minds in many different ways, from inventions, to thinking how to support others, to creating amazing pieces of art and music and for also thinking about where we come from.

Humanists our creativity and ability to think about these things and to be able to find answers to issues and questions

Finally we enjoyed Here we are by Oliver Jeffers