Little masterchefs


We have been working very hard this week to make our classroom look wonderful. We have made portraits of ourselves looking like little masterchefs as this is our topic for the term. We learnt how to draw our faces so that they looked like us with lots of detail on. We coloured them in with oil pastels. We then added rice to make our masterchef hats! We also worked on making a frame to go with our portrait so if you come into our classroom next week you can experience our very own art gallery.

We have really enjoyed our first week back in school and already getting into the swing of things. We have taken home our first piece of homework and are very excited to start earning stickers for completing it. We are also very excited for our trip on Monday! We will let you know how we get on.

1 thought on “Little masterchefs

  1. Having already popped in earlier today, I must say your classroom looks fantastic Year 2. I’m looking forward to seeing your portraits on display too – well done!

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