Programming the robot

Today we had our first computing lesson on the computers. Before today we have practised giving and following instructions and talking about what we use the internet for.

First Miss Williams taught us how to log on. We had to press CTR, ALT and DEL all at the same time. We then typed our username and password to log the computer on. We also practised shutting down at the end of the lesson.

Joshua tries out the instructions by becoming the robot
Joshua tries out the instructions by becoming the robot

Our main activity was to use a program on the internet called Fix the Factory. We had to give the robot instructions by using the arrows and other symbols. The more levels we did, the harder it got!

Don’t forget Toucans, you can use this game at home. Just click on this link:

or Google Fix the Factory.

3 thoughts on “Programming the robot

  1. This was fun! Toucans you really had to think about some of the challenges and it was great to see you become robots to test your instructions.

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