Tomato spider


Today we learned all about the tomato spider. This is what we learnt:

· The tomato spider is called that because of the shape of it’s body
· It is a carnivore
· It eats tomatoes
· A shark, a worm and an ostrich eat the tomato spider

But… We found out that the tomato spider is not a real spider. The person who made the website made it up! It is not real even though there is a website all about it here:

The person who made the website made a mistake because none of the links led anywhere… that’s how we figured out it was a fake! This taught us that some websites are real but some are fake.

We must be careful in choosing websites to use. It is always best to check with an adult. Miranda gave us an example of a website she had been on where it asked her to click to win a car. Luckily, she checked with an adult first and realised it was fake.

One thought on “Tomato spider

  1. Some very good advice here. Not every website is real, it can easily be a fake. Always ask an adult when visiting a new website and you’re not sure if it’s a real or fake.

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